St. Patrick’s Day Parade Marred by TSA

It seems the grubby paws of the TSA are reaching into new territory. Not being content with having their hands all over the private parts of innocent American citizens who have decided to travel by air, they now have taken it upon themselves to monitor small-town parades. WCSH reported that TSA officials were guarding the Portland, Maine St Patrick’s Day Parade, which had around ten thousand in attendance.

The name of the agency now contains two blatant lies: Transportation and Security. They were never about security to begin with, but at least they pretended to be about air transportation. Now it seems that any time a large group of people is involved, they see fit to make sure they have a visible presence. Why is the TSA inviting itself to parties that it has no business with? Is it because they are needed to stop terrorists from harming people? One could argue that, but it would be rather silly since the TSA has yet to catch a single terrorist since their unholy genesis more than a decade ago.

In fact, if protection of the people is something of concern, you might want to incorporate somebody who knows what he’s doing, not an incompetent agency with a seventy per cent fail rate. Shoot, even the TSA doesn’t take itself seriously. If they did, they would probably do some background checks before hiring people involved in trafficking child pornography. If they cared at all about actual security, or even their own reputation, you would think that their employees would be a little less likely to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise from air travelers.

This isn’t, of course, the first time the TSA has tried to branch out to new areas of thievery and tomfoolery. They also tried this in Savannah, Georgia, but it didn’t end well for them when Amtrak ordered them off of their property. It’s time the airports do the same and rid this nation of this useless agency. Given their track record, every new place they occupy is clearly not a result of somebody saying, “We need to be safer here – hire them!” Rather, it’s a result of their over-reaching authority-hungry administration, which for some reason, won’t be happy until every citizen of the US is hog-tied and naked in front of them.