Special Needs Male Student Strip Searched In Front of Female Faculty Member

Chicago Public Schools has a policy that states that:

“Under no circumstances are strip searches of students allowed on CPS premises.”

Their policy also states that washroom searchers are not allowed.

But that did not stop school officials at Taft High School from pulling a fifteen year old male student out of the classroom, taking him to a bathroom, frisking him with his clothes on and then pulled his pants and underpants down below his knees and checked his genitals.

The male student had been previously diagnosed by Chicago Public Schools staff as having as emotional disorder along with severe learning disabilities and requires special educational teaching.

At the time of the incident, the student was in a special room at the school serving an in-school suspension for being disruptive.  Suddenly, two school security guards, a Chicago police officer and a female assistant principal, entered the room and escorted the boy to a nearby bathroom.  They accused him of having drugs and proceeded to conduct a full pat-down search which yielded nothing.  Then one of the security guards told him to undo his belt and when he did, the guard pulled the student’s pants and underpants down to his knees and began frisking him including touching and searching his genitals, again finding nothing.

The whole thing was done because school officials received an anonymous tip that the student was carrying drugs on him, but none were found.

The male student, already diagnosed as having an emotional disorder, arrived home from school in tears and told his parents what had happened.  The event so traumatized him that the student has become depressed and withdrawn and sleeps fully clothed.  His mother, Michelle Woodman told reporters that her son was completely humiliated but the whole affair and:

“He is very withdrawn. He sleeps with his clothes on. He’s had nightmares.  He is very angry. He’s depressed. He is just not the same person.”

Julie Herrera, the attorney that is representing the boy and his family stated:

“What we are claiming is that his civil rights were violated when he was strip searched without cause and unreasonably.”

“The way it was done was outrageous.  Having a 15-year-old boy have to have a woman – an older woman – watch him with his pants down, while he is touched by another man. I think is horribly humiliating and embarrassing.”

When the school and the assistant principal were contacted for comment, they had none.  Generally if someone is truly innocent of the charges made against them, they respond quickly that they are innocent and will be exonerated, but that didn’t happen which makes you wonder if in fact they are guilty of the accusations made by the student.

If policy forbids bathroom searches and strip searches, then why did they go to those extremes based solely on an anonymous tip?  Special needs students are often the subject of terrible pranks played on them by other students and everyone knows that it happens.  You would expect school officials to be a little more sensitive to a special needs student in a situation like this, but they weren’t.

Lately, is seems that more and more schools flagrantly violate the rights of students.  Probably in many cases, it goes unreported because of how they bully the students into submission.  Yet, this is not done accidentally.  The National Teachers Union, the largest teacher’s union in the nation is a very liberal and progressive organization that strongly promotes socialistic ideas and philosophies. In a socialistically run school, the students have no rights and there is no respect of person.   The students are treated as wards of the state and therefore the state can do whatever they want with them.

Incidents like this one in Chicago will only increase as the progressives continue to run the public schools in this country.  And worse yet, is that they brainwash the students to accept this kind of treatment and to realize they are nothing more than cattle in a stockyard waiting to be slaughtered.