Special Interest Group Starts Creepy Campaign Against “Coercive Sex”

When I first saw the news release, I was aghast. It looked to me like ob/gyns were being told to overlook rape and just make sure the woman did not get pregnant. In “Ob-Gyns Urged to Offer Counsel to Victims of Sexual Coercion,” we read:

“Obstetrician-gynecologists can improve the health of women and adolescent girls experiencing reproductive and sexual coercion by providing interventions ranging from patient education to discreet contraception, according to a Committee Opinion published in the February issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Committee on Health Care for Underserved Women discuss the issues relating to reproductive and sexual coercion.”

What? I don’t understand why they are calling for “discreet” action. If a doctor knows a woman is being regularly raped, why not call the police? Or tell her where she can get a handgun? I thought date rape was a huge crime that authorities were ready to deal with. On its face, providing contraceptives is to aid and abet the coercive male.

But aside from the creepy statutory situation (notice how “adolescent girls”) are slipped in here, I don’t think the sex is regarded as coercive. Rather, there is some sort of rising social problem with men having sex with women and demanding that they get pregnant.

Right, because we all aware that men really don’t care about sex; they just want to have babies. Everyone knows that. Instead of using women for selfish temporary pleasure, they desperately want the long term commitment of a child and the child support that any court will make them pay if they decide to bail on the mother.

Looking around the internet, I found this piece of reasoning:

“It’s not clear how common this type of abuse is, Espey said. One study of teenagers on public assistance found that of those who said they were victims of any type of domestic violence, two-thirds said it included birth-control sabotage. ‘It’s hard to determine the prevalence of this form of abuse, and it’s understood that most [domestic] violence is under-reported,’ Espey said. A 2011 government survey found that one in four U.S. women has been physically abused by a partner. ‘Given how prevalent [domestic] violence is, reproductive coercion is probably not uncommon,’ Espey said.”

So that’s the conclusive evidence we are given that men are poking holes in condemns and disposing of a woman’s sacred birth control pills. This article does mention in passing coercing a woman to have an abortion. That happens all the time, from disgusting seducers and even from the girl’s parents. (“Kill our grandchild so we can pretend it never happened.”) The article also mentions exposing women to STDs, though its main solution does nothing to address that problem.

Basically, the idea is to secretly place an IUD in a woman’s uterus so that she aborts before implantation without the man ever being the wiser. And it seems clear that this “coercive partner” could be a husband who wants to raise a family with his wife.

“Rita Smith, executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, praised the ACOG’s move. Encouraging doctors to regularly ask women about such abuse is ‘a great addition to women’s health care needs,’ Smith said. ‘Chronic health care issues can be avoided, and women can manage the needs of their families and themselves much better if their reproductive decisions are not interfered with by an abuser,’ Smith said.”

Aside from the nannycrat treatment of women as helpless children in need of a new parent, a woman who has self-respect needs to tell an abuser to hit the road. And if this is really all about the medical establishment siding with infertility against a loyal husband who wants to raise a family, then the wife needs to inform her husband of her change of heart so he can divorce her and find someone better and she can go find all the many overgrown boys available for quickie sex who will never encourage her to have a baby.

This entire story is a fantasy pushed by depopulationist utopians. It is an ideological psyop, not a real attempt to help real women.

And lets remember, with Obamacare, this group is essentially lobbying for national policy. This isn’t merely a liberal guild of perverts we can ignore.