Spare the Debt; Spoil the Child

Sit back smoke some dope and begin to become enlightened by the new breed of academics freshly empowered by the November 6 victory. Americans no longer have to be responsible for their lives. Christmas is coming and you are free to run up your credit card bills because the party of blame the other guy is just getting started.

The Democrats victory earlier this month has empowered the arrogant liberal agenda. Liberals no longer have to spin their ideas. Anything and everything goes including our debt ceiling. Growing the loyal masses of entitlement dependents is the mandated strategy of the newly invigorated Democrat party. After all the more you get the more you will vote. The argument over America’s future has just been reshaped. We are no longer a nation of self-sufficient people with a passion for hard work and earned accomplishment.

Four years of reckless spending wasn’t enough for Democrats. Balanced budgets are a thing of the past. Wealth re-distribution is here to stay. The government no longer has to pretend it gives a hoot about fiscal responsibility. Like a junkie looking for the next fix the public has lost its ability to reason. Everything is about race and bigotry in America and it isn’t going to stop until we are bankrupt.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has called for an end to debt ceiling restraints. For the man who had problems navigating turbo tax, limits to America’s debt ceiling are fodder for political argument; not a necessary fiscal red light. Credit downgrades (the consequence for out of control deficit spending) are just a bump in the road and the massive amount of money needed to service our national debt is trivial.

American’s don’t want to talk about our national debt. For many, debt to GDP ratios is an abstract concept. Most American’s don’t have a clue how debt is financed and the interest that our government is paying and will have to pay to service our national debt if liberal policies rule the day; they just like their tax returns and government freebies; to hell with where the money comes from as long as they are getting theirs.

Not too long ago it was projected that by 2022 the interest on our national debt will be greater than defense spending. Imagine a nation that spends more on giveaways than its own protection and the security of our interests around the globe; interests that include keeping our enemies at bay while we figure a way out of this mess. This is more than an unpleasant consequence of entitlement growth and a greedy Democrat electorate; this is suicide for America.

Think back to the fall of the Soviet Union. Does anyone remember what their national defense looked like when the government could no longer afford to keep their military strong?

National defense is our federal government’s greatest obligation to American citizens, yet it is the one component of our budget that will fall quicker than any other if Americans fail to recognize we can’t spend our way to fiscal health. Somebody somewhere better start finding a way to publicly explain to the general public that national security is being sacrificed for worthless feel good programs chipping away at America’s future.