South Carolina Bill Would Mandate Gun Safety Classes in Schools

If one South Carolina legislator gets his way, students would have to take gun safety classes as well as learn about the 2nd Amendment.

State Representative Alan Clemmons introduced the bill in the House. He was inspired by an incident that happened where some kid got arrested at school for writing a story about how he was going to get a gun and shoot his neighbor’s pet dinosaur. He got arrested for that. Clemmons thinks that instead of schools trying unrealistically to ban the concept of “gun” on school grounds, what kids actually need is education about guns. The Daily Caller reported:

“We are giving short shrift to the one amendment that protects all others,” Clemmons told The Greenville News.

Under Clemmons’ proposed bill, one-third of an existing nine-week educational unit dedicated to the U.S. Constitution would now be centered on education related to the Second Amendment, including textual analysis as well as history lessons explaining the amendment’s passage and the key Supreme Court cases it was involved with. Parents would be allowed to have their children sit out of these lessons.

Clemmons and his co-sponsors argue that it makes sense to give the Second Amendment greater coverage than other parts of the Constitution because the right to bear arms is what helps to preserve all other constitutional rights.

Under the proposed legislation, December 15th would be designated “Second Amendment Awareness Day.” The 15th as you may recall happens to be the day after Adam Lanza murdered a bunch of kids and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Critics of Clemmons’ bill thought that the chosen day was inappropriate for its proximity to the Sandy Hook shooting. But Clemmons maintains that it was mere coincidence and is open to moving to whatever day people want. He wanted it close to the Christmas break when people are a little less occupied with school. I guess Adam Lanza owns the 14th and the 15th.

Critics also didn’t like it that the bill would put the NRA in charge of creating or approving the course content. As we all know, the NRA basically represents the Adam Lanzas of the world.

The Senate version of the bill introduced by state Senator Lee Bright doesn’t make anything mandatory:

Bright’s bill would allow South Carolina schools to offer a course on gun safety, gun rights and marksmanship, but as an elective rather than as a mandatory part of the curriculum.

The bill wouldn’t let students bring guns to school, but would instead have them bused off-campus to gun ranges.

Bright, who launched a failed primary challenge against U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham last year, has a history of proposing gun-related legislation. Last year, he led a failed effort to allow citizens in South Carolina to carry guns without requiring a permit. Bright says this year’s bill was a response to critics who said universal open carry was unsafe due to a lack of widespread education regarding gun safety.

The two bills have a ways to go before becoming state law. Both still have to make it out of committee before being voted on by their respective chambers and potentially going before Gov. Nikki Haley.

These classes, whether mandatory or not, would totally defeat the purposes of those who’ve been trying to brainwash kids about guns. These days, kids get suspended, expelled, or even arrested for things pertaining to thoughts of or inanimate objects that might be construed as looking like guns.

But what if kids had to learn about guns, how to handle them, how to shoot them, etc.? What if they had to learn about the 2nd Amendment (and the rest of the Constitution for that matter)? Most kids taking those classes would develop a healthy respect for guns and the 2nd Amendment. In this day and age, that’s not allowed. Kids are to be terrified of guns.