Sotomayor: Illegal Aliens Are Not Illegal Aliens

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who was appointed by President Obama to the Supreme Court merely for her high qualification of being a Hispanic, spoke at Yale University on Monday. The topic was her life, specifically her education at Princeton and Yale (I’ll attribute this to affirmative action) and her career as a judge and justice (see previous parenthetical remark).

Sotomayor is a social-justice warrior, which, despite being a justice, means she does not at all care about true, objective justice, but about quotas and making exceptions for certain people. It means that she is by definition an activist judge, which liberals pretend to believe we need fewer of, but by which they mean “…if they are conservatives.”

To prove she wasn’t qualified for the job when Obama appointed her in 2009, she told the audience, “I’m going to try to be the best [justice] I can and each year I think my opinions have been getting better. And I’m working at finding my voice a little bit.” Hey, that she’s trying is all that matters, right? Results don’t mean anything. A++ for effort.

A student in the audience asked Sotomayor about her preference for the term “undocumented immigrant” as opposed to “illegal alien” or any more accurate term. The reason, Sotomayor said, is because “illegal alien” is insulting and it makes the immigrant seem less human.

She’s right, though, isn’t she? They’re undocumented now, sure, but one day they’ll have all the appropriate documentation of what was at one time their illegal—er, I mean, not perfectly legal—immigration. And should we not apply that same logic to other areas of life? Of course we should.

For example, I don’t like to call people who kill other people “murderers.” It’s just not a very nice word, “murderers.” It carries with it the implication of criminality, and that’s just offensive to the people doing the killing. Instead, I’m thinking we should call them manners-challenged. It is rude, after all, to end someone’s life, but “manners-challenged” doesn’t make us think that the murderer is evil. And just because murderers are rude doesn’t mean we should be rude as well by calling them murderers.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is another example. He didn’t get the heroin that killed him from a drug-dealer; “drug-dealer” has such a dehumanizing connotation. He was an unlicensed pharmacist, people. Maybe he was a DREAMer who had to drop out of his pharmacology classes in college to support his family, and the only way he knew how was to be a pharmacist of the street. He was just fulfilling his DREAM the best way he knew how.

Gun dealers who sell guns on the black market, on the other hand, they’re criminals for sure, not “unlicensed self-defense providers.” Also, we should execute their customers in concentration camps.

But as far as immigrants go, just because immigrants who come here without following the law to a T (or to any single letter of the law), and just because they are alien to our nation, does not mean we should call them illegal aliens, even though that’s what they are.