Sonogram of Unborn Key to Their Survival

One of the greatest pieces of propaganda used by abortionists is the convincing of the mother that the child inside of her is nothing but a piece of tissue.  They tell them that it is no different than any other type of growth such as a fatty deposit or tumor and that like these lumps of tissue, removing it is perfectly normal and poses no risk to the mother.  Women have believed these lies for decades and nearly 60,000,000 unborn children have been murdered.  That’s six times the number of Jews that Hitler had murdered in World War 2, and we think of him as being a sadistic monster!

In the war on abortion, perhaps one of the most effective tools to help save the lives of the unborn, next to continuous and fervent prayer, is showing the mother a sonogram of her baby and letting her hear the beating of its heart.  With this knowledge, Texas passed a law that requires an abortionist to provide the mother with a sonogram of her baby and to have her hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Abortionists immediately challenged the law, claiming it violated the mother’s right to choose.  When the case went to court in 2011, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed an amicus brief in the case.  They argued that conformed consent is important for any medical practice and that the state’s sonogram laws helped provide the necessary information needed by the mother to help her make her decision of whether or not to have the abortion.

In January 2012, a federal appeals court upheld Texas’ sonogram laws.  In that ruling, the court said:

“Such laws are part of the state’s reasonable regulation of medical practice.  If the sonogram changes a woman’s mind . . . that is a function of the combination of her new knowledge and her own ‘ideology’ . . . .”

The sonogram laws are the only means that an unborn can be seen and heard.  Every heartbeat is a cry for love and a desperate plea to be saved from the brutality of being ripped apart and thrown in the trash.  The knowledge that the baby is a person and not just a lump of tissue that can be easily discarded, is proving to be a powerful tool and weapon to save them from certain death.

Combine the sonogram laws and the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the future of many unborn children is looking brighter than it has in the past forty years.