Son Buys His Mom a Gun that She Uses for Intruder

When a son buys his mom a gun, even though he is concerned for her safety, he doesn’t expect her to use it in a week. But this time the son was wrong, because less than a week later, she needed it when someone tried to break in her house. The Blaze reported:

A woman was startled out of her sleep early Thursday morning when she heard what sounded like someone breaking into her home. It turned out to be a robbery suspect who police believe was breaking into neighborhood homes in West Columbus, Ohio.

The woman grabbed her firearm and confront the intruder, eventually firing what would be a fatal shot. The suspect was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital hours later.

The homeowner’s son told WSYX-TV that he had given the gun to his mom, a widow, last week because he was worried about her safety.

West Columbus Police Sgt. Dave Sicilian confirmed to the news station that the “homeowner was awakened and defended herself.”

However, he also reportedly added, “We need to determine if she needed to defend herself and if she took the proper action.”

They just had to add that last part in there about whether the woman actually needed to defend herself and whether or not she took the “proper” action. I’m sure if it were a cop who had shot the guy, there would be no investigation into whether or not the cop actually had to defend himself and whether he actually took the “proper” action. Everyone would assume that the cop’s life had been threatened.

This case is pretty clear cut in that some guy tried to break in this woman’s home as he had in other homes in the neighborhood, and this woman did what others didn’t (or didn’t have the opportunity to do), and that was to shoot the guy. Now, I’m fairly certain that this guy won’t ever break into anyone’s house ever again. He’s dead now and knows better.