“Somebody Needs To Pay For All My Kids!”: Almost Your Average Liberal

There is a video making the rounds on the Internet of a Florida woman, Angel Adams, who, two years ago, was living in a single motel room with twelve of her fifteen children fathered by three different men. She is presently pregnant with her sixteenth.

The original NBC report has only now, two years later, received widespread attention.

In the video, Adams says that the community has been helping her out by donating food, and the Department of Children and Families said that they helped Adams by paying her rent and buying furniture for her.

But Adams appears in the video to be ungrateful for all the help she had received (which, in my opinion, was too much).

“Somebody–needs to pay–for alllll my children,” she says sternly, sweeping her arm in a wide, flat arc over the room, indicating her kids running around, “and my and Gary [her imprisoned fiancé]–all our suffering, alllll our pain–somebody needs to be held accountable and they need to pay.”

She makes a fine argument. I once went drag-racing with a rental car. The road was slick with ice and I crashed. The car was totaled. And worse, now I had no car! So I had the gnarled wreckage towed back to the car-rental place and told them that somebody needs to be held accountable, somebody needs to pay me for a new rental.

The car-rental place didn’t seem to agree, apparently having little in common with the federal government, and I was forced to pay for the choice I made to drive recklessly.

This woman, Angel Adams, this spoiled, selfish, entitled brat truly believes she is in the right to demand that you, that I, pay for the decisions, for the choices, that she made in life. And not only that, but she believes it is in the government’s authority to force that money from others and redirect it to her.

After I posted the video on my website, a liberal commented that he believes most other liberals would be just as disgusted with that woman as conservatives are. He added that he is not the same type of liberal as this woman apparently is; he didn’t vote for Obama for handouts and other people’s money, he said; he voted for Obama because of Obama’s handling of student loans and permitting him to stay on his parent’s insurance until the age of 26, or what is known in liberals as the age of the onset of adolescence.

I told him that that’s no different from the woman in the video. The woman in the video wants something from the government, and he wants something from the government. The woman wants me to pay for her children, me to suffer the consequences of her choices, and the young lad, likewise, wants me to pay for his healthcare, wants my money to be redistributed to him and his classmates, me to indulge monetarily so that he can indulge collegially.

There has got to be something worse than worst, because “the worst generation,” the baby boomers, has got nothing on the present one. We are monsters.