Some Gun-Control Ruminations for Liberals in Light of Friday’s Massacre

It has become standard when in the fresh aftermath of gun-related massacres for liberals to immediately call for the outlawing of guns. Conservatives will then tell the liberals that they are being disrespectful to the victims by politicizing the incident.

In defense of liberals, if they believe guns really are evil, then it makes sense that they would talk about gun control in the immediate wake of a shooting such as we saw Friday. If you believe our current gun laws are to blame for mass killings, then when mass killings occur are the perfect time to talk about creating stricter laws.

Liberals are wrong, of course, that we need more gun restrictions or bans, but we can’t blame them for talking about it when it is most relevant.

Conservatives, then, have become accustomed to speaking out against gun control after these crimes are committed, which is followed by liberals saying that conservatives are politicizing the tragedy. In reality, conservatives are just responding to liberals.

In this conservative’s response to liberals, I offer a few things for liberals to actually think about after they’ve cleared their thoughts of all emotion (emotion negatively affects our ability to reason):

  • If you are a person who is moral enough not to commit massacres, then you do not need a law making it harder for you to commit massacres.
  • The school’s principal on Friday was killed when she lunged to take the killer’s gun from him. He shot her. She and 25 others, 18 of whom were kids, would still be alive today if she had shot him instead of trying to take his gun. Why didn’t she shoot him instead?
  • The school was a gun-free zone. Why didn’t the shooter obey the school’s no-gun policy? Why didn’t the shooter think, “Oh, we can’t bring guns to this school? Well, crap, there go my shooting-spree plans”?
  • You know what does not stop bullets from hitting kids? The backs of teachers. You know what does stop a bullets from hitting kids? A gun in the hands of a good person.
  • The shooter, Adam Lanza, had a mental disability. Current law dictates that he’s not allowed to own any gun, period. So what we saw yesterday was the effect of a 100-percent ban on guns for the shooter. Yet he got guns anyway, through illegal means. The gun ban did not stop him.

This is the reality: Guns will always exist, as will evil. No gun ban will ever stop those who do not obey bans, nor those who are evil.

At this point, however, I am willing to ban all guns just to show liberals the true fruit of their policies. Let them feel the guilt of the increase of deaths resulting from their desire to take guns away from, in effect, only the do-gooders.