Soldiers Ordered Not To Offend Radical Islamists

Well, strap in for this news: a new military handbook has been issued that orders soldiers to avoid engaging in topics that would offend radical Islamists. So, if you thought that the United States couldn’t get any more politically correct, you were dead wrong.

According to Pamela Gellar of “The draft leaked to the newspaper offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism towards Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”

In addition to this madness, the manual also claims that it is not the Taliban that is causing the rise in attacks by Afghan soldiers, but a lack of understanding on the part of the West.

I’m sorry–What? Soldiers are not allowed to criticize pedophilia and cannot advocate for women’s rights? Ok, here’s what this means in my book:

1. The Obama administration is trying desperately to appease radical Islamists. They think that by “playing nice” with words, somehow, the terrorists will treat us in kind. They cannot be that stupid (well…), so there must be another agenda at work.

2. By publishing manuals and regulations like this, we are weakening ourselves in the eyes of the enemy. This can only result in a stronger resolve to destroy us. It is not our actions that the enemy hates, it is simply us. They hate western culture, Christians and Jews, and they will stop at nothing to eliminate the us.

3. With this manual, soldiers are being ordered to passively support abuse of women, sexual misconduct and numerous other disgusting practices of radical Islamists. Soldiers are being forced to defy basic morality for the sake of political correctness. It’s foul.

In summary:

This is the backwards logic of the deranged Left. We are fighting an enemy, but we are not allowed to hurt their feelings. This defies human reasoning, but it fits right in with the Liberal world view. They believe that it is our fault that we were attacked on 9/11; that it is our support of Israel and our actions in the Middle-East that stirred the hatred of radical Islamists. In essence, we are the provocateurs, and they are the victims. Well, you can’t provoke the Devil. Radical Islam is an evil beast, and we are feeding it. When it grows strong, it will be our fault.