Soldier Persecuted for Conservative Beliefs

A soldier in the US Army has seen consistent persecution and reprimands for his conservative beliefs.  Todd Starnes reports for Fox News that Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers, a veteran of the US Army and member of the US Army band, has been repeatedly accosted for not being willing to live his life in hiding.

This is life in Obama’s America – no dissent will be tolerated.

Sommers’ faults range from having bumper stickers which disparage the Democrats or support Republicans, to reading books written by conservative authors, to serving Chik-fil-A food at a party. Horrible, I know. All of the markers of someone who must be a terrible soldier, a lazy employee, or a brutish Neanderthal.

The bumper stickers said things like “Dissent is not racism” and “Nobama” – apparently the military believes these could be detrimental to morale or cause workplace tension. He was told that the stickers had to be removed from his vehicles, but the Army backed off when Sommers hired legal counsel.

The army wasn’t done persecuting this fine officer. Months later he had several run-ins with superiors over the type of literature that he chose to read when not working. He was reprimanded for reading the works of Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and David Limbaugh. His superior officers notified him that he could not read these materials within sight of his fellow soldiers because the material was “offensive”. That’s right, the writing of mainstream political authors is offensive to some people. This line of attack is completely specious, how anyone can find someone reading these books offensive is incomprehensible.chikfilacow

Even with these reprimands from superior officers about the nature of his political leanings, Sommers was eventually promoted to Master Sgt. At about the same time Chik-fil-A was making its national appearance in a controversy over its leader’s opinions about the morality of gay marriage. Sommers, being an ardent supporter of traditional marriage, decided to cater his promotion party with Chik-fil-A, a decision he announced via his twitter account.

The Chik-fil-A/twitter incident led to a confrontation with yet another superior officer, who happened to be  gay, who told the Master Sgt. that some of his fellow officers were offended by his tweets.  Sommers was then officially reprimanded and an investigation into his actions was begun.

The investigation uncovered other tweets in defense of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell”, including one which contained a pejorative word for homosexual. After the investigation was concluded, Sommers was told that some homosexual soldiers were scared of him, and that he should apologize for his statements/actions.

All of this is just a thinly veiled attempt to force a kind of group-think on our fighting men and women. Political correctness does not stop at the barracks door, and as we conservatives are all beginning to learn, anything that is not left of center is offensive and therefore not P.C. ((Politically Correct))