Our Slow Walk Into An Orwellian Future

This is an update from your federal government…”

The words screeched from the rusted speaker, which, because of a lack of funding—or so they told us—was unable to be replaced. Those words never failed to turn my blood to lead, stopping me in my tracks, no matter what I was doing at the moment. The anonymous government sanctioned speaker continued.

“Beginning at the end of the month, a new law will come into effect. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration will be scouring the internet for speech it believes will ‘advocate and encourage violent acts and the commission of crimes of hate.’ It will then compile a report, which will be sent to our leaders in order that we may determine which actions will be taken to remedy the situation. Thank you.”

Government sanctioned restrictions were becoming a daily burden. It seemed that every other day, a new law would come into effect, challenging our freedom for reasons that were never very clear. An obscure administration was now going to be in charge of determining what we can and cannot say? The noose just keeps getting tighter.

We allowed this to happen. We elected these people, despite knowing full well that their intentions were dubious. But they comforted us into believing that they knew what was best, and that they would protect us. Protection feels at lot like a slow, deliberate suffocation, if you ask me.

Did the above narrative sound like a George Orwell novel to you? Did it sound outrageous? Well, that was the intention. We are creatures with a highly refined ability to adapt. We push through every day, taking everything that the government throws at us in stride. The fed prints money at an alarming rate–we don’t bat an eye. The president, and his colleagues take a massive piece of our economy, and begin to federalize it—it’s not a big deal. A politician puts forward a bill that would allow an obscure agency to search for, and define “hate speech,” then report back to the government, which would then asses the problem, and it goes relatively unnoticed. Oh yeah, the law from the outrageous narrative is actually a real bill being proposed by a United States Senator.

According to The Boston Herald:

U.S. Sen. Ed Markey wants to empower an obscure federal agency to begin scouring the Internet, TV and radio for speech it finds threatening…Using its own judgment to determine what qualifies as impermissible speech, the new government hall monitors would then recommend steps for Congress to take that are ‘appropriate and necessary to address such use of telecommunications.'”

We are being slowly boiled. Remember the frog example from Al Gore’s propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth, which detailed the effects of global warming—sorry, climate change? The example was given that if you put a frog in tepid water, and slowly increase the temperature, it will not notice it’s being boiled, because the rise in temperature is so slow. That’s what’s happening to us. Our government is slowly, but surely encroaching on our freedoms, and our rights, and we aren’t realizing it because it’s not happening all at once.

Orwell would see our federal government as it stands today, and think it was modeled after his writings. His writings were prophetic, it seems. The Democrats and many Republicans have completely lost touch with their humanity. They are no longer representatives of the people, but gods who have no desire to do anything but consolidate power.

Taken out of context, the narrative from the beginning of this piece seems chilling, and completely foreign to us. We read books like 1984, and we think: “That would never really happen to us!” All the while, we are being slowly suffocated by the actions of our leaders. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: these next two elections are critical. If we fail to elect the right people, people who actually concern themselves with our welfare, we will have lost this country.

Get out there, and vote. But more importantly, educate others. Educate your friends, family, and co-workers. Tell them the truth about what’s happening. We are responsible now. It is our burden to bear. We cannot rely on the media, nor can we rely on the few good politicians out there to get the message out. We are the new media, and it is up to us to set our country back on track, and avoid an Orwellian future.