Sleight-Of-Hand At Obama’s Speech: Look at the Children!

Hearing the news Tuesday that President Obama would be giving a speech at the White House the next day to talk about gun control while surrounding himself with students of Sandy Hook Elementary was astonishing enough. To actually witness it on Wednesday was beyond creepy.

I watched on C-Span as Obama gave his speech with four children of different ethnic backgrounds (naturally) to his left and their parents behind them, so proud of themselves for getting their children into politics (or coercing them in order to get themselves on TV, take your pick).

Obama read excerpts from letters that these children wrote to him, with little Julia writing that she knows “laws have to be passed by Congress,” but to “try hard.”

Oh, Julia, precious child. Congress is of no concern to Obama. Haven’t you been paying attention?

Of course you haven’t; you’re barely past potty-training! And we know you didn’t write that letter to Obama, so shame on your parents for allowing this creepy exploitation of you.

Anyway, so four children were at Obama’s speech, the purpose of which, it cannot be denied, was to get people to think with their emotions rather than with their brains. This was for the purpose of preventing all those who watched Obama’s speech from analyzing the substance of his words; of blocking all critical thought and getting them to simply go, “Oh, but look at the children!”

Obama referenced the 23–not 19, as previously reported by Vice President Biden, but 23–executive orders that he was going to sign after propagandizing to us. Except he didn’t call them executive orders, but rather “executive actions.” More propaganda in order to seem proactive rather than dictatorial, but dictatorial is precisely what it is.

At one point Obama said that one of these executive orders will help to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals by strengthening the background-check system.”

Criminals don’t go that route! People with the intent of blowing other people’s heads off don’t walk into a gun shop and submit themselves to background checks! They get their guns through illegal means. The only thing these “strengthened” background checks will accomplish is to prolong the waiting period someone has to go through before he is allowed to defend his family. Not that I’m necessarily against background checks, but to claim that you’re imposing them for a purpose that is obviously false is an insult to our intelligence.

And on the topic of executive orders, the purpose of them is to affect only the executive branch of government; not Congress, not the courts, and not the citizens, but the executive branch only. The executive orders that Obama signed yesterday, at least some of them, affect citizens and are therefore unconstitutional.

What we witnessed yesterday on TV was another step towards tyranny, but the liberals, the robots, smiled and clapped their hands because “look at the children!”