Sign at School Entrance: “Dicember 2014…Progress Reepor”

Is this a sign of what kind of education the students receive?

We all make typos every now and then, but this is pretty bad. And what’s worse than someone making these glaring spelling mistakes on a sign at the entrance to a school is that it stayed up there for more than a week, and apparently no one noticed.

It wasn’t until a school board member Corey Teague posted a picture of the sign to social media and copied other members of the board, asking:  “How can we expect our children to learn how to spell when the administration can’t??”

The Blaze reported:

A New Jersey elementary school principal is being demoted days after a photo was posted on social media of a sign outside the school with badly misspelled words, the Paterson Press reported.

A sign at Public School No. 20 noted “Dicember 2014″ events, among them the “Progress Reepor” scheduled for Dec. 18.

In addition a time was listed as “1:00—PM,” and the numeral 1 was positioned backward on a line announcing that the Paterson school — whose motto is ”Proper Planning Promotes Success; Failure Is Not An Option!” — would be closed Dec. 24 through Dec. 31.


School officials told the Paterson Press that the gaffe was the result of a custodian who misapplied magnetized letters and numbers.

Principal Antoinette Young is being reassigned as a vice principal, district spokeswoman Terry Corallo told TheBlaze. Vice principal Boris Simon is serving as interim principal.

Officials are citing “performance issues” as the reason for the principal’s demotion. They made no comment on whether the sign gaffe had anything to do with it.

I don’t think this is necessarily the principal’s fault. I don’t think she had anything to do with the sign. As they said, it was the custodian. Perhaps the principal should have paid better attention.

But what’s particularly troubling is how long the sign stayed in that condition without comment from anyone at the school. I get that it’s an elementary school, and that many of the kids may not pick up on the misspellings or even notice the sign, but there are also teachers and older students, as well as parents. The sign and the school’s overall non-reaction are products of the government school system.