SHOCK: Obama Reveals That Campaigning & Governing Are Actually Different

Here is one thing that I will say — that campaigning and governance are two different things.” — Barack Obama

BREAKING: During Sunday’s Face The Nation on CBS, President Obama made a shocking, and some would say provocative, announcement. According to Breitbart News, the President has come to the conclusion that campaigning and governing are, in fact, two different things.

President Obama’s announcement sent shockwaves throughout the political community, with some decrying it as nothing more than fantasy, while others questioned the state of his mental health.

We reached out to Dr. Peter LaBon, a political scientist who is viewed as one of the foremost thinkers in his field. When asked what President Obama’s lightning bolt realization meant for the future of the nation, LaBon said that it will change the game.

This light bulb moment will change what it means to be President, it will change what it means  to lead. From here on out, future Presidents won’t have the luxury Obama has had. They will no longer be able to simply tour the country giving redundant stump speeches, and telling the American people what should be done if those darn Republicans weren’t so recalcitrant. They will actually have to put policy into action, and enforce laws.

When pressed further, LaBon insisted that he was not intending to criticize the President, because up until Obama’s announcement on Face The Nation, no one else knew any better either.

It’s as if he was inspired by the gods.

But talking to LaBon wasn’t enough; we wanted to get a feel for what the average citizen felt upon receiving the news. We talked with Sherri Betcher, a KFC franchise manager out of Eugene, Oregon—and an avid Obama supporter:

I was shocked. Absolutely blown away. I always believed the presidency was an ongoing campaign. I would have never imagined that leading was part of that. Of course Obama would be the one to come up with something so innovative, and nuanced. That’s why I voted for him twice in 2012!”

With this revelation, the world will watch with bated breath to see what Obama does next with his new found powers. Could he enforce immigration laws? Could he sign a bill into law? No one knows, and that’s what’s so exciting.

With the newly minted Republican majority in the Senate, Obama may be scrambling to lead in the few months he has left during the lame duck session.

A spokesman for the Obama campaign—sorry, administration—had this to say: “Obama has so little time to reach his true leadership potential before the Republicans come in, and everything grinds to a halt. It’s really a shame this inspired revelation don’t come sooner, because it would have been a real treat to see what Obama could have accomplished without Republican obstruction.”

How will this truly game-changing revelation alter the course of our nation? Only time will tell.