SHOCK! Democrats Blame Bush For Syria

Albert Einstein said: “You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”

There is virtue in assigning blame to yourself when it is appropriate to do so. That seems like an obvious statement—and it is—but we live in such a self-centered society that selflessness is something quite rare. We are quick to pin the blame on anyone else but ourselves, so long as people will believe us. We’ve become a blame-centric culture because, if you’re a good enough manipulator, you’ll never feel the repercussions of being at fault.

A group of people specially designed for pinning blame is the Democrats. It’s as if they were born for it. If any Democrat makes a bad judgement call or a poor decision, it is never their fault.

On the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly interviewed Democrat pundit James Carville. O’Reilly makes a point that Americans are beginning to see Obama as incompetent because of the Syrian debacle:

O’Reilly: “…But the element here, Carville, is that many people think that Barack Obama is incompetent and he can’t — he can’t do this.”

Carville: “Well, I will definitely — he’s handled the Middle East pretty well so far. Bin Laden –“

O’Reilly: “Libya a mess. Iran is defiant…it doesn’t seem to be any clear vision on the part of President Obama. He doesn’t have — ‘here is what I want.’ He doesn’t have that.”

Carville: “You know, what I would say and maybe a little bit of a different view here. I think what really is freaking people out is the incompetence of the Bush administration in Iraq.”

Carville goes on to explain that it was the mismanagement of Bush’s Iraq invasion that is making people anxious about the Syrian crisis. It is not Obama’s seeming incompetence; it is George W. Bush’s fault.

This is classic transfer of blame. Carville has no legitimate response to counter O’Reilly’s view, so he moves to the next best thing: pinning blame on President Bush. It works because low-information voters believe anything the mainstream media says. The media is in a position of authority, which causes ignorant Americans to chow down on anything they say without hesitation.

But it makes no sense. You can’t reasonably argue that Americans are hesitant to strike Syria because of a mismanaged war that began almost 11 years ago. If that were the case, Americans would never approve of any military intervention, because every war—post WWII—has been unpopular in one way or another. The idea doesn’t stick.

Carville’s statement fails to resonate in another way as well. He claims that people are freaking out because of the “incompetence of the Bush Administration.” If people were to freak out over prior incompetence, that would mean they believed the current President was incompetent as well. Bush isn’t Obama. Surely, if people love Obama as much as Liberal pundits like to believe, they wouldn’t worry about incompetence. This would mean that the American people do indeed think Obama is incompetent, or, if they do not, Carville’s blame-game argument is false. He can’t have his cake and eat it too.

Passing the buck never quite works out, especially when in defense of an incompetent liar.