Shock: 30% Of Pro-Lifers Voted For McAuliffe

Robert Heinlein said: “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”

Elections are important for a multitude of reasons, namely because an election can determine the character that will lead one’s state or country. There are many people who will tell you that attitude and character don’t matter in regard to political candidates, so long as their policy is right. That could not be farther from the truth. Character is everything. While we cannot judge character directly, because it isn’t tangible, a guide to character can be found in one’s actions.

For example, anyone who stands strongly in opposition to abortion should not have voted for Barack Obama. This is because he voted numerous times in favor of extreme abortion practices, including the denial of post-birth care following a botched abortion. Anyone who believes that abortion is murder should never have voted for someone like Obama.

The abortion issue is a character issue. It is an issue in which there are few gray areas–despite what Liberals demand we think. It seems extremely apparent that if a candidate strongly supports something you believe to be morally reprehensible, you would not vote for that candidate. But that wasn’t the case in Tuesday’s gubernatorial race in Virginia.

According to Breitbart:

A Washington Post 2013 exit poll published Tuesday revealed that 30 percent of Viriginians who are pro-life category voted for Terry McAuliffe for governor.”

This is the same man who declared his support for extreme abortion procedures, and promised that as Governor, he would keep unsanitary and unsafe abortion clinics open to the public. What was moving through the minds of supposedly pro-life voters as they cast their ballots for Terry “abortion on demand” McAuliffe? I need to know. Were they duped by pro-McAuliffe commercials? If so, they’re fools. Were they focused on other things, such as economic issues? If so, they clearly don’t care about human life. Finally, were they just so stupid that they went into the voting booth without any knowledge of the candidates?

I cannot think of a single legitimate reason for a massive 30% of pro-life voters to have voted for someone with such extreme views, and such disregard for human life. To those who wear the mantle of “pro-life,” yet cast your vote for Terry McAuliffe, shame on you. You’re either ignorant or stupid. Either way, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.