Sheila Jackson Lee: Ban Open Carry Demonstrations

You see businesses all the time with a sign that reads, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” Isn’t that discriminatory against homosexuals? You know, the types that march around in gay pride parades with painted on clothes? What if one of them wanted to buy something at a store, and he or she was disallowed entry, because (s)he had no shirt on? Are those signs homophobic? When are those businesses going to come out of the dark ages and join us in the 21st century?

Businesses are allowed to do that (for now), because they’re privately owned. Those rules are up to the discretion of the owner. If he fears that he might be held liable for a barefooted patron who steps on a rusty nail, it might be in his best interest to make a rule not to allow people with no shoes on in his store. As for the shirt rule, as far as I can tell, it’s just a way to maintain some level of decency, which as we know is homophobic.

But out in public, people’s “1st Amendment rights” guarantee that they can prance around in their underwear (or no underwear), imitating sex acts, and celebrating their sexual debauchery for all the world to see. No one can prohibit them from parading down the streets in such a manner. Doing so would be the most criminal act of homophobia imaginable; a hate crime justly deserving death.

In the same way that private businesses can prevent shirtless and shoeless customers from entering their store, they can also prevent open gun carriers from entering. They’ll “respectfully request” that their customers leave their guns at home or in the car. They don’t want other customers to be scared off. They want to cater to the gun control crowd to get and maintain their business, but also cater to the gun rights crowd by claiming to respect their 2nd Amendment rights to carry, just not in their store. It’s purely a business decision. Whatever yields them the most profit is all they care about.

But when these gun rights people get out in public, (in many states), they’re allowed to open carry their guns. It would be unconstitutional for them to be prohibited from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear arms, no matter who might find it objectionable.

Democrats of course don’t see it that way. While they want to be able to use the 1st Amendment as a crutch for perverts to be able to do whatever the hell they want in public parades, when it comes to the 2nd Amendment, “gun pride parades” should be banned. Writing for The Blaze, Pete Kasperowicz reported:

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) said over the weekend that a gun rights group shouldn’t bother rescheduling a planned march through Houston’s Fifth Ward, and that these sorts of demonstrations “need to end.”

Open Carry Texas was set to march through the political subdivision of Houston, but had to postpone the event. According to theHouston Chronicle, Jackson Lee and others gathered to say they oppose the group’s effort to raise awareness about the right to openly carry rifles and shotguns in Texas.

“We come in peace,” said Jackson Lee. “On behalf of many thousands who live in this community that are minding their daily business, Open Carry’s efforts need to stop, need to be canceled, they need to end.”

The Chronicle said the Fifth Ward is a historically black neighborhood, and that Open Carry decided to hold an event there after being criticized for only holding events in “rich white neighborhoods.”

“We also want to work with the minority community to get them more involved in their right to legally bear arms,” said Open Carry Texas leader C.J. Grisham.

However, the group canceled the event after warnings that residents would bring their own weapons to the event if Open Carry appeared.

“We are certainly not a community… that is looking for the ability to carry an AR-15,” Jackson Lee said. “There is an epidemic plaguing black men in this country. AR-15′s, carrying them is not in any way a positive for the children that are in this community.”

In aFacebook postover the weekend, Jackson Lee said the Fifth Ward is “well informed” on how to protect its neighborhood and property.

“Open Carry does nothing to stem violence and protect the lives of citizens,” she said. “It is a lonely issue looking for a family.”

“They should join the neighborhoods for a rally to promote improved health care, create better jobs and higher wages and improve quality schools,” she said of the group. “Otherwise, this rally should never happen.”

Lots of people find gay pride parades objectionable. But there’s nothing that can be done to prohibit them, because doing so would be a “hate crime.” Now, it’s become a “hate crime” to allow open carry demonstrations.