Shameless: G. W. Bush Claims Snowden Hurt The Country

Instead of listing all the things that Edward Snowden has done, let’s try to list some things he hasn’t done.

  • Edward Snowden never shoved interest rates into the floor and picked a replacement Federal Reserve Chairman who pretending there was no housing bubble. Snowden never took the nation into the worst recession in history.
  • Edward Snowden never presided over the greatest national security failure in history. He didn’t promote the people with direct oversight into the greatest security failures into higher offices.
  • Edward Snowden never claimed that we had to invade Iraq because it was likely that Saddam Hussein had unmanned aerial devices that could reach the East Coast.
  • Edward Snowden never helped strongarm Congress into raiding the public of $700 billion so that he could bail out his crony friends on Wall Street.
  • Edward Snowden never censored the EPA to give out false assurance to the New York City public that the air was safe to breathe in the aftermath of 9/11.
  • Edward Snowden never invented a connection between Al Qaeda and Hussein’s government as a pretext for an invasion.
  • Edward Snowden never sacrificed hundreds of billions of dollars, thousands of American lives and American limbs to turn a secular Iraqi dictatorship, that protected Christians from Muslims and opposed Al Qaeda successfully, to a Shiite dictatorship—complete with the same secret police and secret torture prisons—that persecutes Christians and is subject to regular fatal attacks by Al Qaeda forces.
  • Edward Snowden never took a secular next-door enemy to Iran and turned it into a natural religious ally that strengthened Iran’s regional position, all at great cost in American blood and American treasure.
  • Edward Snowden never suddenly reversed course, having suddenly turned a secular nation into a Shiite nation, and started supporting Sunni terrorists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda-related forces. (Obama has continued and stepped up this policy, but Bush invented it.)

Now Bush shamelessly assures us that Snowden has “damaged the country” and he trusts that the Obama Administration will deal with him. Sure.

Let’s remember how back in 2008, conservatives were appalled at how muted John McCain sounded in running against Obama. Then again in 2012, Romney was just as disappointing. But they did this because they were both like George W. Bush. Bush had “nothing but compliments for Mr. Obama” after he took office in 2008, and he even said that he didn’t want to vote for McCain but would have endorsed Obama for the Presidency.

The Obama Administration is made up of his peers. They’re his fellow ruling class. Of course he has common cause with them against a rogue worker bee like Snowden who didn’t know enough to stay in line.

Bush thinks Snowden “damaged the country” because he thinks the power network that runs the country is identical to the country. He loves America because he loves the usurping Big Government he helped expand over America.

Snowden’s loyalty to the American people and to the civilized world over against the Federal Leviathan makes no sense to George W. Bush. He’s expecting that you’re brainwashed enough to think the same way.