Sexist Code Words and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton volunteer group provides us with a list of sexist code words.

Remember when Barack Obama was running for President, and suddenly racism was around every corner? Every single criticism of Obama was scrutinized for racial “dog whistles” and code words. Oh wait—that’s still happening. However, the age of racism is now lapsing into the age of sexism, as many conservatives predicted it would should Hillary Clinton make a run for the White House.

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick has been officially put on notice by an organization calling themselves “HRC Super Volunteers.” The HRC Supers have decreed that going forward, certain words and phrases must not be used when writing about Hillary Clinton.

Chozick posted the warning on her Twitter (I’ve combined multiple posts):

“A group called HRC Super Volunteers just warned me ‘We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism…’ Sexist words, they say, include ‘polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, inevitable, entitled, over confident…’ ‘Secretive’ and ‘will do anything to win, represents the past, out of touch…'”

So all of those words are sexist dog whistles—or perhaps in the case of sexism, they would be called baby cries, or oven timers? Either way, we are notto use these words. I guess we’re not allowed to use their synonyms either, such as “aspiring,” and “determined,” right?

Really. We need to extend this logic to its farthest point. Calling Hillary “aspiring” implies that she must aspire. Aspire to what, you ask? The standards of men! The patriarchy demands that women must aspire to attain any scrap of status. Sexist! To call Hillary “determined” implies that she must try harder than the other candidates (see: MEN) to succeed. Sexist!

I also have an inkling that the HRC Supers are self-hating sexists. The phrasing they used when addressing Amy Chozick is riddled with code words.

“We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism…”

“Protesting” implies weakness and the inability to effectively get the job done, leading one to simply make empty objections.

“Watching” and “listening” are such passive words. Are HRC Supers simply going to watch and listen, waiting for something to happen to them, while the patriarchy has its boot on the necks of women everywhere?

Even the word “sexism” is itself sexist. Sex has been used by men for centuries to oppress women. Are the HRC Supers going to use a word that contains an oppressive patriarchal act?

I’d like to make an official announcement to the HRC Supers: I’m disgusted by your choice of words. From this point forward, I’d prefer the use of the term “anti-ovum” rather than the word “sexist.” And there will be no use of passive language, such as “watching,” and “listening.” There will only be active words because it is extremely anti-ovum to assume that women are passive.

Additionally, I’ve come up with a possible solution to anti-ovum words and phrases. We will no longer write or speak of Hillary Clinton. Instead, we will only gesture, and make facial expressions.

HRC Supers, you’ve been put on notice.