We Are All Sexist: A Beginners Guide To A Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

The sexist anti-Hillary campaign hasn’t even happened yet, but that isn’t stopping Democrats from accusing Republicans of bashing the presumptive 2016 presidential candidate just because she has lady parts. The Daily Beast…didn’t like it when RNC Chairman Reince Preibus promised to be ‘very aggressive’ against Hillary on Benghazi, Obamacare, and the like. Apparently, ‘very aggressive’ is dog-whistle for ‘woman-hating Neanderthal…’ So, Democrats can call Chris Christie ‘fat,’…Sarah Palin ‘Caribou Barbie,’…Tim Scott a ‘dummy,” and Nikki Haley the ‘Sikh Jesus,’ but calling Hillary ‘ruthless,’ now that’s a step too far.” – S. E. Cupp

The liberal machine has evolved quite a bit over the last two decades, reinventing some of the best political and social strategies from the past, and applying them to their own campaigns and presidencies. There are so many brilliant tactics employed by the Left that choosing one is often difficult. The Left wins because their strategies are simple, but flawless.

For example, the upcoming Hillary Clinton campaign. It’s only the beginning of 2014, and already we are seeing accusations of sexism. Allow me to set up two seemingly similar stories.

A woman decides to run for office. She’s a candidate with little political experience. She’s had a life that’s just about as trying as anyone else’s—she’s not winning any medals for heroics, or having a Lifetime movie made about her. She bases the entirety of her campaign on issues of sex, birth control, and abortion. She is hailed by the media as an underdog success story; a woman who has risen from the ashes of poverty to overcome her obstacles. Her critics—those on the opposing side—attack her for her weak policy, and her inflated, and fallacious back story. Immediately, those critics are branded as mean-spirited, cruel, bigoted, and sexist. At no point did these critics make personal attacks. At no point did they call names. But they are sexist merely for questioning her.

Another woman runs for office. She’s a good, self-proclaimed Christian woman, with several children, and strong political experience as a governor. She bases her campaign on substantive issues, like energy, smaller, efficient government, and the protection of our 2nd amendment rights. The media doesn’t bother to question her policy, but rather the woman. They accuse her of being an idiot, a token, evil, a pregnancy faker, and they call her “Caribou Barbie,” among many other, much nastier things. The campaign against her is never about politics, it’s about her as a human being. However, there are no accusations of sexism.

What’s the difference between the two women? One, Wendy Davis, is a Democrat. The other, Sarah Palin, is a Republican. That’s it. The Democrats have employed a strategy. They don’t actually believe the attacks on Hillary Clinton and Wendy Davis are sexist, but they know that most Republicans will back off if those accusations are hurled. Republicans are fearful of being labeled as anything negative, and the Democrats know that. Bring out “racist,” “sexist,” and “xenophobic,” and you’ve got a chance to shut down the Republican machine.

The Democrats can’t believe what they are saying, because if they did, they’d also cry sexism when the same was done to opposing candidates. If one is truly aware, and opposed to political sexism, they wouldn’t dare stop short of accusing anyone of it, even if it was one of their own. Given that, it’s painfully obvious that the Democrats don’t care one iota about sexism. They care about winning.

It’s sad in a very real sense, because by falsely crying sexism, the Left is diminishing the real act. All those women who are actual victims of sexism, and workplace discrimination are getting lost in the cultural saturation of false sexism. The Democrats are creating a culture that is dangerously numb.

Additionally, and obligatorily, the media pushes this faux sexism to the masses. And unfortunately, the masses buy into it like the media are godlike truth-tellers. Attacking Hillary Clinton will become synonymous with sexism in the coming three years, and there’s not much we can do to stop that. We can, however, be aware of it. We can try to dispel this nonsense. The Democrat machine cares only about winning, and they will do anything to get what they want, including endless and shrill cries of sexism.