Settled: Christie’s Traffic Jam Worse Than Hillary’s Benghazi

Boy, oh, boy, is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in deep!

First came the revelation that members of his staff orchestrated the closing of the George Washington Bridge in a Democratic mayor’s city as political revenge for that mayor’s refusal to endorse Christie for re-election in 2013.

This fiasco spawned the utterly silly moniker “Bridgegate,” an attempt to create in people’s minds a connection between the closing of the bridge and Watergate, which the media decided even before all the details of Watergate were known was The Most Devious Political Scandal of All Time from the Most Corrupt President in American History OMG!

Now, just a few days after reports of Christie’s aides (and, sure, probably Christie himself) being half as petulant as President Obama is, comes another report that Christie may have (which the media has decided means “definitely did”) used Hurricane Sandy-relief funds to create an ad encouraging tourism in NJ to help their economy in the aftermath of the hurricane. It would seem to me that this does fall under the category of hurricane relief, but what do I know?

These revelations of scandal, as relatively mild as they are, are more a revelation of the news media’s political persuasions—or persuasion, singular, I should say, since there’s just one persuasion in the media: the liberal one. They want to dynamite Christie Mountain, remove him from the picture, because he is without doubt the only possible chance Republicans have of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Keep in mind I didn’t say these scandals are mild; I said they’re relatively mild. Should the media’s sudden interest in justice reveal that their deepest desires of Christie’s corruption are true, then he does need to resign.

Even still, a governor (or his aides) causing a traffic jam for purposes of inconveniencing a mayor amounts to a middle-school prank in comparison to, oh, I don’t know, the President of the United States (or those in his administration, under his direction) using the most relentless government agency in America to harass the President’s detractors, not merely to inconvenience them, but to silence them, to take away their First Amendment rights to gather and protest on public land. In the first 24 hours of the report of “Bridgegate,” the media devoted 17 times more coverage to it than they did the IRS scandal over the six months since its revelation. And the new guy “investigating” Obama’s IRS scandal is an Obama donor.

Chris Christie’s traffic jam caused frustration and annoyance, whereas the willful negligence on the part of Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caused the taking over of an American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, by terrorists and the torture and brutal murder of four American diplomats. But let’s leave that open-ended and unpunished; we gotta know who caused a traffic jam!

A federal investigation has begun into Hurricane Sandy-funds-gate, and boy is the federal government diligent! They’re going to get to the bottom of this corruption. The feds will not let any corruption go unpunished, nope! Most of all when an “R” follows the prematurely-declared-corrupt person’s name.