Serrano’s Blasphemous “Art” on Display While Anti-Muhammad Filmmaker Goes to Jail

Andres Serrano is the photographer and “artist” famous for his image that depicts a plastic crucifix submerged in the artist’s own urine. I don’t want to mention its title because I can’t stand typing it out. But you know what I’m talking about. This 23-year-old photo is now on display in New York City. He has other “works of art” that involve bodily fluids and feces. Most of his stuff is this bizarre, and much of it is pornographic. He has a series of photographs called “The Morgue,” which is a collection of up close pictures of corpses. While CSI lovers may find them fascinating, in the context of art, they are ugly and twisted. There is nothing beautiful or normal about death. Death is a consequence of sin, and trying to portray it as interesting or attractive is perverted.

Somehow, after all this, Serrano claims to be a Christian. He told the UK’s Guardian, “At the time I made [the crucifix in urine photo], I wasn’t trying to get anything across. In hindsight, I’d say [it] is a reflection of my work, not only as an artist, but as a Christian.” Who is he trying to fool here? His work is most definitely anti-Christian and blasphemous. How can he claim to be a Christian? Maybe that’s all part of his “performance art.”

And as it’s been pointed out on this website, in spite of his blasphemous works of art, Christians aren’t going around rioting, killing people and blowing things up. They’re not shouting, “Death to Serrano!” though many may feel that way. We might protest it, write about it, explain why we detest it, but no one’s getting violent.

While this photograph is on display, the Feds are allegedly putting the anti-Muhammad filmmaker away for violating parole, but I think we all know that the Obama administration is actually trying to send a message that Muslims will be protected and those that insult the (false) Prophet will suffer the consequences. Protecting Islam’s reputation is far more important to Obama than protecting Americans’ 1st Amendment. Unless it involves making grotesque pictures that insult Christ, in which case the “artist” has the 1st Amendment’s protection. Christians that are offended by Serrano’s photographs are told to just “get over it”; it’s just a picture. The anti-Muhammad video was just a stupid YouTube video, so why don’t the Muslims, the media and Obama just “get over it?”