Sequestration: Obama Blackmailing GOP to do it His Way

Sequestration was President Barack Obama’s idea to begin with.

Starting back in 2011, Obama basically wanted a blank check and an unlimited debt ceiling so he could plunge the US so deep into debt that it would be impossible to recover from.  The Republicans refused to allow it.  The Republicans insisted on any type of deal involving spending cuts while the Democrats pushed for increased taxes and more spending.

In an attempt to blackmail the Republicans into submission, Obama and the Democrats pushed the idea of sequestration upon them.  The Democrats used the ruse that if the Republicans agreed to raise the debt ceiling this time that they would talk about spending cuts after the deadline.  Like idiots, the Republicans actually believed the Democrats would sit down and agree to large spending cuts.

The sequestration meant that unless Congress came up with a budget plan by a certain date, $1.2 trillion in budget cuts over a 10 year period would automatically take effect.  Fifty percent of the budget cuts would affect domestic discretionary spending and the other 50% would hit the defense department.

This led to the infamous supercommittee of Republicans and Democrats that were supposed to come up with an agreed plan to cut at least $1 trillion over the next 10 years.  That turned out to be a complete bust because the Democrats would never agree to enough spending cuts to amount to anything, but then blamed Republicans for being not willing to compromise.

When all else failed, Obama pushed for sequestration.  Republicans would be forced to cave in to Obama’s demands or receive blame for the automatic budget cuts that would take effect if they didn’t.  To bolster their blame game, the White House has all of the liberal mainstream media scaring the general public by telling them about all of the disruptions to their way of life that would take place if sequestration kicked in.

They are telling the public that there would be massive layoffs throughout the government, which may not be a bad idea after all.  The FDA would lose most of their food inspectors which would mean a shortage of meat and produce.  I saw one report on a major network that visited a chicken processing plant.  The owner of the plant said that without an FDA inspector, they would not be able to process any chicken, meaning a layoff of workers and a shortage of poultry products in the stores.

Another scare tactic being used is to convince everyone that sequestration would result in delays in airport screening.  The sequestration would cause a layoff of TSA workers which in turn would result in longer lines at the airports.  My first reaction is great, that’ll mean less children and elderly that will get physically molested and there will be less items stolen from luggage.

So as we near another fiscal cliff, this time known as sequestration, realize that it is nothing more than Obama’s attempt to blackmail Republicans or place the blame on them for all of the problems it causes.  But 100% of the blame rests on Obama’s shoulders because it was his idea and he is the one who refuses to compromise and come up with the necessary budget cuts that he agreed to do earlier.