Sen. Rubio, Son Of Immigrant Parents, Warning Not To Rush Immigration Reform

Sen. Marco Rubio, (R-FL) is the son of Cuban born immigrants.  His parents came to the US in 1956, but after three years of not being able to find suitable work, they returned to Cuba in 1959.  Mario Rubio, his father, immigrated to the US a second time in 1962, but he did not have a valid visa.  After being designated for deportation by a judge, US immigration authorities decided to allow him to remain in the US anyway.  Nine years later, Marco was born in Miami.  Rubio grew up in immigrant neighborhoods in Miami.

If anyone in Congress understands the plight of immigrants, both legal and illegal, it is Marco Rubio.  Because of his background, you would expect him to be one of the leaders pushing immigration reform as quickly as possible, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Immigration reform was a strong Democratic platform in the 2008 election, but Obama never kept his promise to the millions of immigrants in the US, yet they still voted for him again in 2012.  Now, Obama is trying to keep his promise and push a massive immigration reform bill through Congress that would provide a path to citizenship to all illegals in the nation.

Besides providing a step-by-step pathway to citizenship for approximately 11 million illegals, it will also provide legal working status for them as well.  Sponsors of the bill claim that it will only add about 160,000 workers a year to the legal workforce.  Just allowing 11 million illegals to stay and work will actually add several million workers to the American workforce that already has a great shortage of available jobs.

A number of Republican senators have joined the Democrats on this issue and are doing their best to rush the massive overhaul of the immigration policies through Congress.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that he intended to push the immigration bill through his committee as fast as possible without any public hearings or discussions.  In past years, immigration reform bills were defeated after public hearings were held and sufficient public opposition was raised by various groups like Numbers USA.

However, Rubio is trying to tell everyone to not be so hasty and make sure that this is the right way to go.  Over the weekend, Rubio sent a letter to Leahy saying, in part:

“A rush to legislate, without fully considering all views and input from all senators, would be fatal to the effort of earning the public’s confidence.”

Sen. Jess Sessions (R-AL) and five other Republican senators agreed with Rubio’s demand for public hearings on the immigration reform bill.  Sessions stated:

“I applaud Senator Rubio for his important letter to Chairman Leahy and for supporting the request for extensive open process and public hearings … a sound committee process will take months – not weeks.”

Why are the Democrats trying so hard to push the immigration reform bill through so fast and avoid any public hearings?  The only reason I can think of is that it contains things that they don’t want the American people to know about until after it’s been passed and signed into law.  Sounds a lot like Obamacare, doesn’t it?

What are they trying to hide from us?  Rubio is one of the original GOP sponsors of the bill, but evidently he’s seen things that have been added to the immigration reform bill that has given him cause for caution.  There is no telling what kind of revisions or riders that have been attached to the bill.

If you ask me, there is a major portion of the bill that needs to be stricken from it and that is the road to citizenship for millions of illegals.  They violated federal law by intentionally entering our country illegally.  Most of them have taken jobs from American citizens.  They have stolen from us by receiving numerous benefits and legal protection.

I equate illegal aliens to a home burglar who decides to live in your house with you.  He breaks in illegally and decides to stay against your will.  He eats your food, sends his kids to the schools that you pay taxes for, he goes to the doctor and you pay for it.  He takes jobs away from you or other US citizens, pays no taxes and sends some of the money back across the border to his family.  If you try to say or do anything against him, you are charged with racial profiling and hate language.

Do I believe we need immigration reform, you bet I do, but not for illegals.  I know people who came here legally.  It took some of them 5-7 years and thousands of dollars to legally immigrate to the US.  This is the process that needs to be reformed to cut down on the time and perhaps the expense.

I know a scientist from Romania who is one of the best in the world in his field.  When he tried to immigrate to the US, he discovered that it would take him and his family between 5-7 years.  Instead of coming here, he ended up immigrating to Canada where it only took him a couple of years.  Our loss, Canada’s gain!

This is the immigration reform we need.  As for illegal aliens, there’s a reason we use the term ‘illegal.’  Just like anyone else who is guilty of an illegal act, they need to be dealt with according to the law, not given a blanket pass because they’ll vote for you and your fellow Democrats in the election.

That’s what all of this immigration reform is all about.  Not doing what’s right and legal, but doing what you can to win 11 million votes in the next presidential election.