Self-Proclaimed Christian: “I’m Pro-Choice because of the Bible”

Four years ago I was at an online forum for Christian apologetics and there I saw a post titled “Switched to Pro-Choice Based on the Bible.” The post is no longer up, but I did write about it at my personal site back then, so I still have the essence of what it was about.

It was written by a self-proclaimed Christian who said that she used to be anti-abortion but has since joined the abortionists. Her “Biblical” reason for her new pro-abortion stance was basically that the Biblical verses that are used by anti-abortionists to support their stance do not actually affirm their stance. In other words, she believes that because they use faulty logic, her logic is necessarily solid. I don’t need to explain the faulty logic in this reasoning, do I?

But we Christians do not need a scriptural basis for making most of our decisions in life. God gave us reasoning skills for a reason. As it says in three of the Gospels and in the Book of Deuteronomy, we are to love God with all our heart, all our soul, and all our mind.

We can reasonably deduce that even though the Bible never tells us not to kick babies, it’s probably frowned upon by Jesus, right? Just because Jesus did not say anything explicitly about abortion does not mean it’s okay. Likewise, we can’t say, “Nope, the Bible says nothin’ about kickin’ babies, so let’s have a baby-kickin’ party!”

The Bible does not explicitly, maybe not even implicitly, say abortion is right or wrong, but that does not in any way mean that abortion is automatically right. This is where the Christian pro-abortionist’s logic failed greatly. Her sole reason for conversion to the pro-abortion side was that there is nothing specifically against abortion in the Bible.

Three important questions for the Christian to consider:

  1. Who allows the grass to grow and our hearts to beat and all the other natural occurrences in the world to happen?
  2. Then who allowed the mother’s egg to be successfully fertilized with the man’s sperm?
  3. Who put the new human being into the womb?
  4. Who created an entirely new set of DNA in the fetus?

This is certainly no good way to argue with a non-Christian, but if you are a Christian, the answer to all of these questions is God.

Therefore, who are we to dare correct what God has done and remove that fetus, ending the life that He specifically created? (God creates life, not humans.)

So, would Jesus say, “Sure, go ahead, avoid your responsibility and just kill the defenseless human child inside you that my Father in Heaven specifically formed inside of you and already has a plan worked out for his or her entire future. It’s okay, I don’t care, and my Father in Heaven wouldn’t mind one bit either”?

Would Jesus really say that? Would he support undoing God’s will?

We should never try to rationalize our evil behavior by searching desperately in the Bible for vague statements that, when stretched, could be taken as endorsements of what are obviously heinous evils.