Secular Group Outraged Over Fish Symbol on War Memorial

Surprisingly, the secular group wasn’t the Freedom From Religion Foundation this time. I’m sure if they had known about it in time, they would have been at the forefront of this particular campaign to cover up an ichthus on a war memorial dedicated in 1992 to two soldiers who died the year before during the Gulf War. According to the Daily Caller:

Officials in a Missouri town have decided to cover up a Christian symbol on a war memorial that honors the lives of two soldiers killed during the Gulf War after a church-state separatist group threatened to take legal action, calling the presence of a so-called “Jesus fish” a constitutional violation.

The symbol, which is known as an “ichthus,” has been on the monument since it was installed at Courthouse Plaza in Columbia, Missouri, in 1992 to honor Navy Lt. Patrick Connor and Army Reserve Spc. Steven Farnen — soldiers who were killed in action, according to the Associated Press.

After Americans United for Separation of Church and State reportedly threatened legal action earlier this year, the Boone County Commission voted that it would be most prudent to cover up the symbol, ensuring that the public monument would be solely secular in nature.

A plaque that reads “Dedicated 1992″ is now covering up the previously viewable Jesus fish.

While the secular group is content with the censorship, the family is bewildered, noting that in no way is announcing someone’s personal faith tantamount to the government sponsoring or establishing a particular religion:

After being informed of officials’ cover up of the ichthus, Marsha Connor told the Columbia Daily Tribune that the move dishonors the fallen.

“The fish symbol was in recognition of their personal faith. This is not an attempt to establish a governmental religion,” she wrote in an email to the outlet. “The action changing the memorial is an affront to the beliefs upon which the United States was founded. … Action taken by elected officials spending government funds dishonoring a veterans memorial is questionable.”

The act of covering up the ichthus is in itself a statement of religion. If engraving an ichthus on a war memorial is the same as establishing Christianity as the “chosen” government religion, then covering it up is establishing secular humanism as the chosen government religion.

Actually, that is our government’s religion of choice. No one really wants freedom from religion (not even Atheists), and our government obviously doesn’t want freedom of religion. Everyone’s religious. Our government wants everyone to bow down to its religion, which declares itself god.