Sebelius: Obama’s Individual Mandate Delay isn’t Actually a Delay, Per Se

She has to play around with words so that she technically doesn’t go back on her word.

Last month, Sebelius testified that there would be no extension of the open enrollment deadline. The spokes(wo)man for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reiterated what Sebelius said and added that even if they wanted to extend the deadline, they wouldn’t have the authority to do so.

Fast forward to today, and we’re finding out that it’s yet another delay that the Obama administration is mandating. Sebelius said there wouldn’t be a delay for the individual mandate, and CMS agreed, so what exactly is this that the Obama administration just decided through executive order? According to Sebelius, it’s not what everyone thinks it is.

In an interview with FOX 2 News in Detroit, the reporter asked Sebelius if what the Obama administration decided to do with the individual mandate was an extension, a delay, or something else. The Secretary responded:

It’s none of the above. It’s actually a very logical way to make sure people get through the system. What we did in December, we’re doing again. Which is to say if you’re in line on March 31 at midnight, if you’re trying to get through the system and the volume is higher than expected, we want to make sure you actually can complete the process and buy health insurance. Many for the first time, affordable health care is available…
So. this is not an extension of open enrollment. It is just saying like you do on election day, if you’re in line to vote, we want to make sure you vote. This is people who want health insurance. They have an affordable option for the first time in their lives, for many people who have never had affordable coverage in their workplace.

Of course, she doesn’t really answer the question. All she wants to make clear is that this isn’t an extension of the deadline or a delay or anything like that. She just wants to make sure that everyone gets a chance to enroll. So, they’re giving people until mid-April to sign up. But that’s not an extension. Or a delay. Everything’s the same.

I say they stop with this delaying and extending nonsense. Just scrap the entire thing.