Sebelius: I’m Pretty Sure a Man’s Never Had a Baby

During her testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius tried justifying the exorbitant rate increases that so many Americans are having to endure as a result of Obama’s signature “free” healthcare program. When you read the fine print, you find that it really is free…once you pay the premiums.

Sebelius said that policies offer a range of benefits whether the insured uses them or not. Here’s her exchange with Republican Representative Renee Ellmer from North Carolina, taken from CNSNews:

Ellmer:  Now as far as the essential health benefits, correct me if I’m wrong, do men not have to buy maternity coverage?

Sebelius:  Policies will cover maternity coverage for the young and the healthy –

Ellmers:  Including men?

Sebelius:  – 30-year-olds will also have a choice of a catastrophic plan, which has no maternity coverage.

Ellmers:  The catastrophic, but the men are required to purchase maternity coverage?

Sebelius:  The insurance policy has benefits whether you use them or not, and one of the benefits will be maternity coverage, mental health coverage, domestic violence coverage.

Ellmers:  And that is why health care premiums are increasing, because we’re forcing them to buy things they will never need. Thank you, madam chairman.

Sebelius:  The individual policies cover families. Men often do need maternity coverage for their spouses and for their families, yes.

Ellmers:  A single male age 32 does not need maternity coverage. To the best of your knowledge, has a man ever delivered a baby?

Sebelius:  I don’t think so.

Yes, men have delivered babies, but I think the Congress(wo)man’s point was that since men are incapable of bearing children (isn’t that sexist though?), they shouldn’t be required to pay the increased premium which covers maternity benefits, which a single man will never need.

Maybe Sebelius wasn’t sure how to respond, because she didn’t want to offend those women who have given birth, but who also believe themselves to be men. You know, the transvestites and transsexuals.

Who knows what she was thinking. She’s in damage control mode, trying to patch up a system that was dead on arrival.