Scientist: Global Warming Deniers Should Be Imprisoned for “Willful Blindness”

Global warming fanatics can openly advocate things like imprisoning or executing those who don’t buy into the idea of manmade global warming.

Can you imagine the outrage from the left if some conservative decided to do the same thing to them? The media would turn it into the greatest scandal of all and force that conservative to resign. They’d make sure his life and career were both ruined for good. Eric Holder would get involved and have him investigated for domestic terrorism. He’d be forced to undergo psych evaluations, which would conveniently find him extremely mentally ill, manifesting signs of paranoia and delusions. They’d argue that the most “compassionate” thing they could do for such an ill person was to “put him out of his misery.”

But when the left calls for imprisoning or executing their political opponents, it’s seen as a reasonable and viable solution.

And no, of course he’s not a real climate scientist. He’s a Canadian geneticist. So, I’m sure he’s a smart guy. But even the smartest (non-climate) scientists who don’t believe in manmade global warming aren’t “qualified” to speak on the subject. If you believe in manmade global warming, you don’t need any particular credentials. The fact that you’ve bought into the religion is good enough.

If this Canadian guy thinks we’re all to blame for causing the Earth to heat up, perhaps imprisoning millions of people isn’t the best thing to do. Maybe the best thing to do is execute them. That way, there are a lot fewer people emitting CO2. These global warming zealots should lead by example.