Schumer Threatens GOP over Amnesty for Illegals

While Facebook censors conservatives from posting the truth on many issues, liberals readily use the social media website to further their anarchist agenda.  Conservatives are not allowed to say anything negative against Muslims or they risk having their Facebook page shutdown by the liberally controlled social media giant.

Yet liberal icons can use Facebook to threaten conservatives as is the case of US Sen. Charles Schumer, (D-NY).  It has been reported that Schumer posted a warning to Republicans in Congress by threatening to pass his immigration reform bill or face Obama’s retribution:

“Grow our economy by bringing in needed workers in high tech and agriculture areas, and provide a hard-earned path to eventual citizenship for the 11 million in the shadows, or they can sit idly by and watch the President greatly curtail deportations while 11 million continue to live in limbo here in America.”

“It’s crystal clear where the issue of immigration reform is headed, and Republicans have only two choices to make.”

Then Schumer’s post said that if Republicans don’t pass his bill that they will have to:

“Watch the President greatly curtail deportations while 11 million continue to live in limbo here in America.”

“[The immigration bill] has the support of liberals, moderates, and conservatives and all we need is the courage of the Republican leadership to make the right and obvious choice. -cs”

Schumer’s post came the day after President Obama charged Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security to review current deportation policies involving illegal aliens.  Obama asked them to find ways to further streamline the policies, meaning how to cut deportations down from the already low levels.

Don’t forget that one of Obama’s illegal actions was instructing DHS to defy federal law by not deporting millions of illegals unless they had been convicted of a violent felony.  Obama also gave instructions to provide over half a million illegals with work permits, even though millions of Americans were still out of work and looking for jobs.

Schumer is one of the key players of the immigration reform bill in Congress that is pushing to pave a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million or more illegal aliens in the US.  To date, Republicans have managed to block passage of Schumer’s immigration reform bill.

Democrats like Schumer and Obama are getting desperate to make as many illegals legal so they can vote in November.  Many Republicans that are running for office or re-election in this year’s midterm elections are jumping on the anti-Obamacare bandwagon.  The election of Florida Republican David Jolly last week has sent a chilling message to Democrats.  Jolly’s main platform was the repeal of Obamacare and his Democratic challenger’s main platform was immigration reform.

Most illegals are Hispanic and they tend to vote Democratic.  Schumer and Obama realize that they need as many of those 11 million illegal votes as possible if they hope to hang on to the Senate and possible retake the House.  So Schumer has now threatened Republicans that if they don’t do what the Democrats what them to do, then Obama will commit another illegal act and stop deportation of even more illegals.  Now mind you, this is the political party that is constantly accusing Republicans of not communicating or compromising with them.  Gee, I wonder why?