Schoolteacher Attempts to Ban Gun-Shaped Clouds

They might want to add a few states to the list of forbidden images. Florida, Oklahoma, and Idaho all look too much like guns. They should at least redact them from their schoolroom maps of the U.S., if they even have those anymore.

The assignment was for the kids to go outside, look up into the sky, and draw what they saw, using their imagination. An 8-year-old boy named Kody thinks he saw a gun in the clouds. Maybe he did. But when he drew a gun, he and the teacher took a walk to the principal’s office, where he got written up on a behavior report form. On the form, the teacher wrote that the boy’s behavior was disruptive to the entire learning community, according to KKTV.

The school district released a public statement on their decision to write up Kody:

“Our primary responsibility as a school district is to ensure safety of all staff, students and community. We exercised an age-appropriate reaction to an incident. The student’s education was never disrupted nor is this incident on the student’s permanent record. Our response was in line with routine procedures focused on school safety.”

So, at least they didn’t suspend the kid, and his “behavior problem” won’t make it to his permanent record. But what will likely be permanently implanted in his brain is the idea that guns are inherently evil and should be feared more than anything else in the world. His school-manufactured fear of guns will make gun control so much easier by the time he’s grown up.