Schools Paying More to Serve Less Lunch and Students Beginning to Protest

Michelle Obama, the self-proclaimed food czar who still looks heavier than when she moved into the White House, is starting to lose some of her fans in the public schools of America.

First Lady Michelle Obama has taken it upon herself to start dictating how and what American should eat.  Her Let’s Move program has become more than just a health recommendation program; it’s becoming a health dictate, especially in the public schools.  Her program has resulted in a number of federal guidelines that seem more like mandates.

Public schools are responding to those guidelines by reducing the amount of protein and bread they serve the students for lunch and increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit.  However the increase in veggies and fruit is not equal to the decrease in protein and bread, but the overall cost of providing more fruit and veggies is costing the schools more and many schools are already facing budget deficits.

For example, Parsippany High School in Parsippany, New Jersey has reduced size of a turkey sandwich by a third.  What most people would assume to be a healthy low fat sandwich now contains a third less sliced turkey and the bread is only two thirds the size it used to be.

Students at the school are complaining that they are still hungry after the healthier lunch.  One student told a news person:

“This year you’re eating lunch and you’re like ‘Did I even eat?’ You’re not even full.”

Students at the school held a lunch protest yesterday saying that they don’t believe that those students that aren’t obese have to pay the penalty for those that are.  They figure that just one day of boycotting the school lunch cost the school a significant amount of money and that maybe politicians and officials will think twice about the new guidelines.

As part of the protest, some of the students have created a video in which they appear sluggish and tired from lack of food.  Some say the video parody is aimed directly at Michelle Obama.

I know obesity is a problem in America and something needs to be done, but to force eating habits on all people for the sake of some just goes against all of the freedoms we once had in this nation.  Michelle Obama’s program and the mandates, opps – I mean guidelines, reek of United Nations domination and control strategies.  In past U.N. sponsored meetings, they have proposed measures to redistribute the wealth, technology and style of living experienced in the top nations like the United States to all other nations in the world.  The U.N. has even proposed measures that would give them sole authority of all lands in the world and they would then decide who could live where and on how much land.  Believe it or not, then Senator Al Gore actually signed that resolution for the U.S. back in the early 1990s.  Fortunately, there were more countries that refused to sign it than there were those that did, like us.

Personally, I think Michelle Obama needs to keep her eating habits to herself and not force them on everyone else, which just made me realize something.  Many liberal Democrats argue against pro-life legislation because they don’t want someone else’s opinions or values forced on them.  But isn’t that what Michelle Obama is doing?  Isn’t she trying to force her ideas on the rest of us?  So why is it not okay to force one’s views on pro-life on others but is okay to force one’s views of eating habits on us?