School Removes Bible References From Charlie Brown Christmas Play Because of 1 “Anonymous” Complaint

They’re still allowing the Christmas play to proceed, but because of an “anonymous” complaint, they’re “modifying” the script to be more in compliance with the law. They’re nixing the parts of the play that reference the Bible, particularly the part where Linus tells Charlie Brown “what Christmas is all about.” If you recall from the original 1965 animated special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Linus reads from the book of Luke (gasp!):

That’s the part that’s most offensive, because it’s straight from the Bible. Some people think this part of the play is a direct violation of the “establishment clause” in the First Amendment when performed at a public school.

And because of that sole “anonymous” complainer, the school district has ruled that those parts of the play that reference the Bible should be censored, so as not to offend anyone.

The problem is that you can’t not offend everyone. You can’t please every person. By cutting these portions out of this classic Christmas play, a lot more people will be offended than just that one “anonymous” person who was allegedly offended by the Biblical references.

Reading from the book of Luke is no more an official, public “endorsement” of Biblical Christianity than teachers having students write, “There is no god but Allah” is an official, public “endorsement” of Islam.

Atheists flippantly refer to the Bible as a book of fables, and Jesus as a total myth. The God of the Bible no more exists than the “flying spaghetti monster,” they scoff. Yet, when these “myths” are referenced at a pubic school or acted out on stage, they get so unbelievably furious. I’ve never seen a group of people so outraged over something they dogmatically claim isn’t even real. It just goes to show what’s really going on in their minds. It’s not that they don’t believe in God. It’s that they despise Him.