School Objects to Pictures of Guns … in Gun-Free Zone Signs

Sometimes the soft-headed absurdity of the effete left leaves me wondering how so many people came to appear so much like parodies of themselves. Apparently administrators at a school in Chicago are up in “arms” about gun-free zone signs they are being asked to post on their property. They are angry because the signs contain pictures of guns.

Comments from the principal of this school concerning the signs basically beggar belief. They must be read in a timorous and shaking voice that cracks from stress occasionally and sounds constantly on the verge of tears:

It is bothersome to have to post a sticker of a gun that says, “Hey, folks, leave your guns at home.” . . . I think the general public will be alarmed by it and wonder if people have been allowed to bring guns to school in the past. . . . You can’t look at this and not think about Sandy Hook.

I don’t think I’ve read social commentary this blistering outside the Onion. In fact, I think the Onion would have a hard time topping this story. The only difference is that this isn’t satire apparently. It’s real. These people really exist. They are in charge of our schools. They are filling the minds of future generations with this same degree of mindless fear.

The new gun-free zone signs must go up in Chicago because of a gun-carry law change that has recently gone into effect in Illinois. Illinois was the last of fifty states that prohibited all concealed-carrying of firearms. A federal judge struck that law down (correctly) as unconstitutional. So now, schools in Illinois have to put up these signs so that potential legal carriers of guns know that schools are still off-limits.

I imagine that, as in every other state, a loosening of gun laws in Illinois will mean an increase of saftey. But don’t tell anyone at this Chicago school that. Even mentioning the word gun could send them into a neurotic tailspin of fear. “He said ‘gun.’ It’s disturbing. It makes me wonder if he has a gun on him. You can’t hear a word like gun without remembering Sandy Hook.” Give me a break.