School on Islamic Workshop: “Attend or ‘Racist’ Will Be on Your Permanent Record”

From England’s Littleton Green Community School, what we in America would call an elementary school, comes a story of a principal’s blackmailing of parents in order to get them to permit Islamic indoctrination of their children.

A letter written to the parents by the “Head Teacher” of the school reads:

As part of the National Religious Education Curriculum together with the multicultural community in which we live, it is a statutory requirement for Primary School aged children to experience and learn about different culture.

In other words, “Because Muslims are colonizing our country, your 10-year-olds now have to learn all about their religion.”

The workshop is at Staffordshire University and will give your child the opportunity to explore other religions….They will not be partaking in any religious practices.

Attending a workshop will provide “the” opportunity to explore other religions? Is that not the job of parents? If parents want their kids to learn about Islam, they can take the initiative. If they don’t want their kids to learn about Islam, that’s their business.

Ah, but wait. Is it their business after all? Don’t be silly! The letter continues:

Refusal to allow your child to attend this trip will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career.

That’s right, if you don’t allow your child to be taught the virtues of Islam by someone you don’t know, he won’t merely get a bad grade, oh, no; he will be called a racist. But not only will he be called a racist, but he will be called an official racist. Documentation and everything.

Since the field trip has nothing legitimately to do with education, and since racism truly would have nothing to do with a parent’s decision to keep his child from going, this amounts to nothing less than blackmail in an attempt to push an agenda.

Many of the parents are appalled by this, of course; they don’t want their kids to be officially labeled a racist. But only in a left-wing country could such a threat from school officials be cause for alarm in parents. In an ideal country, if someone were called a racist, he’d simply shrug and say “Okay.” And only in a left-wing country would school officials even conceive of the idea that labeling someone a racist would be an effective motivator. Because England is a left-wing country, though, it’s effective. It’d be effective in America, too, for precisely the same reason: America is liberal.

In a right-minded country, that threat would be met with “So whats” from the parents. But English parents—what choice have they? Their country puts diversity on a pedestal and treats racism, both real and imagined, as one of the ultimate evils, right up there with rape and dentistry.

To any leftists reading this, however, and wishing America were more like Europe, rest assured that your children will very soon be threatened in the exact same way.