School Bus Driver Calls Cops on Kids in Possession of Confetti “Guns”

A driver calls cops “just in case.”

When a Flagler County, Florida school bus driver heard the “pop” sound of a confetti gun on the bus, he thought he should call the cops just in case.

There were a couple students in possession of some purple toys that projected confetti. Apparently, they were celebrating a fellow student’s birthday.

Thankfully, when the police arrived on scene, they were able to confirm that no threat existed on the school bus. The school district hasn’t yet said whether the offending students will be punished for their actions.

My Fox Orlando reported:

The purple confetti shooters clearly look like toy party favors, but when students were playing with them on a Flagler County School bus to celebrate at student’s birthday Wednesday morning, it resulted in deputies being called to the scene.

“We had two students that brought a party favor, it was a purple plastic confetti gun, but when it went off it did making a popping sound,” Katrina Townsend with Flagler County Schools.

The popping sound startled the bus driver enough to call deputies and advise that some sort of gun was on the school bus.

“Once he heard the pop, even though it may be wasn’t exactly the sound of a gun he just wanted to be precautionary and so he called for backup,” Townsend said. “He did the right thing.”

Flagler County deputies quickly established there was no threat on the bus and the students from Buddy Taylor Middle School continued on the route to the school.


While the district wouldn’t comment on if the students involved received any sort of disciplinary action they say code of conduct violations like this one normally lead to some sort of punishment.

“Anytime there is an issue where students are carrying items they’re not allowed to have at school – and toy guns specifically are a prohibited item – there is some disciplinary response,” Townsend said. 

The miniscule pop sound resulting from one of these little party poppers sounds nothing like a gun. But perhaps to someone who’s been brainwashed to be scared to death of guns, any sound even remotely resembling that of a gun is worthy of calling the police, just in case.

FOX 35 News Orlando