School Bus Driver Tells 12 Yr Old Boy His Mother Should Have Aborted Him

The public school system throughout the United States has become a nest for liberals.  Educators have been sucked into the liberal mindset that it is their job to form and mold kids into what progressive politics wants them to become instead of what their parents want them to be.  The NEA is the largest teachers union in the nation and it is married to the liberal progressive Democratic Party.  Hence, a large majority of public school employees, not just teachers are Democrats out of mandate.

Recently, we’ve seen incidents where teachers have bullied and abused students for either being a Christian or having different political views than their own.  In the latest incident, a 12 year old boy, Joey Hartlaub, was verbally bullied and abused by his 81 year old school bus driver.

Joey attends school in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  His parents had a Romney – Ryan in their front yard and the school bus driver started harassing Joey about the sign.  A couple of weeks later, Joey and some friends were in the back of the bus chanting ‘Romney, Romney’ when the driver yelled at him to come to the front of the bus.  When the bus driver began to verbally assault Joey, he told her that Obama was pro-abortion.  The driver responded by telling Joey:

“Well, then maybe your mother should have chosen abortion for you.”

Joey said the bus driver’s comment made him mad and sad at the same time.  When he got home and told his mom what happened, mom was livid and immediately reported the incident to the Durham School Services, the company that operates the school busses.  Spokesman for the bus service company released a statement saying:

“Durham immediately removed the driver from service pending an investigation, which resulted in the termination of the driver. Prior to this incident, the driver had an incident-free record while serving the community as a Durham school bus driver for more than 20 years. Notwithstanding, the driver’s remark was insensitive and inappropriate.”


What I want to know is, where is the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State in these instances.  Churches and pastors are constantly being harassed by these organizations for supposedly violating their non-profit tax status if they speak out in favor a political candidate.  They are quickly rushed into court and threatened to have their non-profit status revoked for violation the Johnson Amendment that restricts political activities.

Yet it seems that all of these liberal legal groups forget that public schools operate under the same non-profit tax status that churches do.  That means that if a pastor or church employee can’t endorse a political candidate, then neither can any school employee.  Yet, they seem to be doing it on a fairly regular basis and no one says anything.  So once again we see the double standards of the liberal community.  It’s okay for liberals to violate the tax code but not for conservatives.  It’s okay for Democrats but not for Republicans.  It’s okay for atheists, but not for Christians.