Satellite Data Confirm Zero Global Warming for Past 18 Years

Recent satellite data have confirmed what we’ve known for quite some time:  There hasn’t been any global warming for nearly 20 years. And yet, despite this scientific fact, the environmental lobby has been able to convince a lot of people, politicians and celebrities, that if we don’t pass laws that would make the “green” energy industry rich and bankrupt the fossil fuel industry, we’re all going to die a slow, painful and hot death.

They’ve certainly convinced a lot of people, but one thing is for certain:  What people think about something doesn’t affect the truth one bit. And it doesn’t matter how many people believe it. It won’t change reality. Our minds are powerful things, but not that powerful.

From CNS News:

The Earth’s temperature has “plateaued” and there has been no global warming for at least the last 18 years, says Dr. John Christy, professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center (ESSC) at the University of Alabama/Huntsville.

“That’s basically a fact. There’s not much to comment on,” Christy said when asked him to remark on the lack of global warming for nearly two decades as of October 1st.

The “plateau” is evident in the climate record Christy and former NASA scientist Roy Spencer compiled using actual raw temperature data collected from 14 instruments aboard various weather satellites. asked Christy why the United Nations’ climate models, which all predicted steeply rising temperatures over the past two decades, were all proven wrong.

“You’re going back to a fundamental question of science that when you understand a system, you are able to predict its behavior. The fact that no one predicted what’s happened in the past 18 years indicates we have a long way to go to understand the climate system,” Christy replied.

“And that the way the predictions were wrong were all to one direction, which means the predictions or the science is biased in one direction, toward overcooking the atmosphere.”

Christy added that basing government policy affecting millions of Americans on “very poor” climate models that have been shown to be inaccurate is “a fool’s errand.”

“Our ignorance is simply enormous when it comes to the climate system, and our understanding is certainly not strong and solid enough to make policy about climate because we don’t even know what it’s going to do, so how can we make a policy that says ‘I want to make the climate do something’ when we don’t know what makes the climate do what it does?” he asked.


…[H]e noted that “there is still a strong belief system that greenhouse gases control the climate, and so if that is your belief system, then it doesn’t really matter what the evidence shows.”

I think he hit the nail on the head with his comment about predictability. Science is all about predictability, because we do live in an orderly universe. When we understand scientific principles and the laws of creation, we can accurately predict when things will happen or when they will not. In short, science is repeatable. If predictions utterly fail, that’s a pretty good indication that at the very least, we don’t understand the science of whatever it is we’re studying.

None of the dire predictions put out by the United Nations have come true. In fact, reality took us in the opposite direction. That should be a clear indication that these people putting out these question-begging reports either don’t know what they’re doing, or someone somewhere is deliberately manipulating the data to yield highly exaggerated results. And yet, so many people still hold fast to their belief system. That’s some faith right there.