Satanists Want Their Statue Next To 10 Commandments Monument

In 2009, the Republican controlled state legislature of Oklahoma gave their approval to the placement of a privately funded monument of the Ten Commandments.  State Rep. Mike Ritze (R) was the one that lead the effort to get the monument approved and he also helped personally with the $10,000 cost.  The monument was then placed on the grounds of the state Capitol.

Atheists and other opponents such as the ACLU have since filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of placing the Ten Commandment monument on Capitol grounds.  Other opponents are taking a different approach.

The Satanic Temple, based in New York, has contacted the Oklahoma legislature requesting permission to erect a satanic statue on the Capitol grounds alongside the Ten Commandments.  Lucien Greaves, the spokesman for the Satanic Temple wrote in his letter to the state legislature saying in part:

“We believe that all monuments should be in good taste and consistent with community standards.  Our proposed monument, as an homage to the historic/literary Satan, will certainly abide by these guidelines.”

Referring to Ritze’s efforts to get the Ten Commandments monument displayed on the Capitol grounds, Greaves commented:

“He’s helping a satanic agenda grow more than any of us possibly could,” Greaves said. “You don’t walk around and see too many satanic temples around, but when you open the door to public spaces for us, that’s when you’re going to see us.”

Brady Henderson, Legal Director for ACLU Oklahoma said that they would prefer to see no religious expression of any kind on government property, but one they allow one, they are obligated to allow others from any religion to be placed nearby.  He explained:

“We would prefer to see Oklahoma’s government officials work to faithfully serve our communities and improve the lives of Oklahomans instead of erecting granite monuments to show us all how righteous they are.  But if the Ten Commandments, with its overtly Christian message, is allowed to stay at the Capitol, the Satanic Temple’s proposed monument cannot be rejected because of its different religious viewpoint.”

State Rep. Bobby Cleveland said that many of the state’s Christians feel that they are under attack because of so-called political correctness.  When asked about the satanic statue request, he didn’t think that there was much of a chance of it being approved.  He commented:

“I think these Satanists are a different group.  You put them under the nut category.”

Our country has degenerated so far that it is now legal to erect a monument honor Satan alongside a monument depicting the laws of God.  If Christians don’t start rising up to fight for a Christian America then all will be lost very soon.  I’ve heard Christians say that we are already lost and that it’s too late, but they forget that with God, nothing is too late or beyond His abilities.  This is why they have been overcome by their own weaknesses and lack of faith.  If one million Christians earnestly prayed for God’s intervention in our nation and believed that their prayers would be heard, I’m certain it would make a huge difference in our nation.  But sadly, too few have that kind of faith anymore and without faith, there is nothing to rely on.