Sarah Palin in “Drunken Hillbilly Brawl”

Sometimes I wonder if reality television has ruined us all. Sarah Palin and her crew showed up at an Anchorage party in a stretch Hummer (yes, a stretch Hummer) and quickly began a brawl:

The best details came from Alaska political blogger Amanda Coyne. She describes Track Palin stumbling from a stretch Hummer and spotting the ex-boyfriend of sister, Willow. Then came the yelling and the punching and Bristol Palin launching a mean right hook repeatedly. Coyne writes that Sarah Palin screamed, “Don’t you know who I am!”and someone in the crowd screamed back, “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!”

Track was shirtless and giving people the middle finger. Todd Palin had a bloody nose.

Wow. Sarah Palin isn’t the governor of Alaska anymore, so I guess she and her family are free to start fights and such, but this is rather embarrassing nonetheless. The long time first family of Alaska is no stranger to scandal and controversy. They’ve been the subjects of countless SNL skits, and Sarah Palin has been lampooned and lambasted nearly her entire political career. This was almost too easy.

Possibly because of its inflammatory nature, the Sarah Palin PR camp has apparently been fighting to keep it under the radar. An eye witness of the brawl was allegedly fired for giving an interview of the event. And representatives for Sarah Palin will not comment as to whether Palin was actually at the party that night.

All of this matters very little. Leftists lick their chops every time a conservative celebrity is involved in any scandal. It doesn’t seem to matter how many scandals leftist celebrities are party to. It’s not exactly a double standard though. It’s just two standards. If we hoist the flag of Faith, Family, and Country, we must work harder to live up to our own banner. Leftists don’t raise that flag. In fact, it would be difficult to determine just what they really believe in.