Sandy Hook Commission: Homeschoolers to Blame for School Shooting

The Sandy Hook Commission (full name: Sandy Hook Advisory Commission) concluded that the real culprits in the Sandy Hook mass murder are homeschoolers. All because Adam Lanza was, for a very brief period, educated at home by his mother. For ten years he attended a government school, but at 16, his mother pulled him out allegedly over conflicts with the school district. Lanza apparently took the GED at 16 and then attended another public school, Western Connecticut State University. So, any amount of homeschooling he received was negligible compared to how much time he spent in public schools. The Daily Caller reported:

Under a new law proposed this week by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy’s Sandy Hook Advisory Commission, every homeschooling parent with a child who has been labeled with a behavioral or emotional problem would be forced to submit to a host of strict, burdensome regulations.

The scheme put forth in the commission’s draft recommendations on mental health would require homeschooling parents to submit individual education plans regularly to a local education bureaucrat.

School officials could then decree whether parents may continue to educate their own children, reports the Connecticut Post. Administrators could pull the plug on any parents’ homeschooling by declaring that the child failed to make “adequate progress.”

The onerous new rules for homeschooling families somehow make sense in the minds of commission members because Adam Lanza massacred 20 young children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. in December 2012 — when he was 20 years old.


“It may be hard to implement because parents may want to get their back up and say ‘You can’t make me do that if I’m homeschooling,’” state board of education member Patricia Keavney-Maruca, a supporter of the recommendations, admitted.

However, the 16 commission members — experts in education, mental health, police work and so on — have insisted that homeschooling must now be tightly regulated in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

“Given the individuals involved in the tragedy that formed the basis of this commission, I think we have thought this issue out at some length and we believe it is very germane and that the actual facts leading up to this incident support the notion of the risk in not addressing social and emotional learning needs of children who may have significant needs in that area who are homeschooled,” proclaimed commission member Harold I. Schwartz, a psychiatrist at Hartford Hospital, according to the Post.

“Continuation of homeschooling should be contingent upon approval of” the state-approved education plans “and adequate progress as documented,” agreed University of Connecticut mental health law professor Susan Schmeiser, according to CTNewsJunkie.

But even if Lanza had been a homeschooled kid for most of his life, how would that even be relevant to his crime, such that a law should be passed to monitor homeschoolers? The media never care where a killer was educated, unless he happened to be schooled at home. Then, all of a sudden, it makes all the difference in the world.

Government schools are extremely dangerous places to be, especially because of all the shootings that take place. And not only that, sexual perverts are often employed as teachers. But no one cares about those things. It’s as if they never happen. But then some case surfaces about a homeschooled kid who was abused by one of his parents, and it makes national news and opens the “debate” about homeschooling, as if that kind of behavior is inherent in homeschooling families.

It’s no surprise that the State abhors homeschooling. It has nothing to do with those few cases involving some kind of abuse; abuse, that is utterly dwarfed by the abuse received in government schools on a daily basis in the form of bullying, violence, shootings, brainwashing, teacher-student sexual encounters, no-tolerance policies, etc. As with most evils in this country, it has to do with some combination of money and control.

The State wants complete control of indoctrinating kids to be their good and willing slaves who will grow up demanding more and more socialism. The State is horrified of the idea of parents fostering independent thought among their own kids. Independent thinkers are not to be tolerated.