Same-Sex “Marriage”: Why The GOP Is Dead

Obviously, there is a push right now that is gaining ground to get the state to say that 1. There is such a thing as “same sex marriage,” and 2. It should be legal. It is pretty fascinating how anti-sodomy laws have been repealed because the government was supposed to “stay out of our bedrooms,” and yet now the government is being given the authority to re-define marriage and alter traditional child-rearing arrangements, child custody, inheritance, and everything else.

The Republican Party is right in the middle of this change. They may have more hold-outs than the Democrats, but many in the Republican Party are owned by the sexual revolution and are working for it. Thus we see the situation on the East Coast:

“In Rhode Island, an entire delegation to the state Senate backs gay marriage — and it’s the Republicans. Rhode Island Public Radio reports that all five Republican members of the state’s upper chamber will support a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the state.”

And while that’s probably one of the worst cases, it is not the only one.

“In less liberal states than Rhode Island, Republican supporters of gay marriage are more rare. The Nevada Senate voted Monday to legalize gay marriage in the Silver State; only one Republican backed that legislation. A Republican in Minnesota is co-sponsoring a gay marriage bill; he also faces threats from NOM and resistance from other Republicans. In Delaware, gay marriage has a Republican co-sponsor in the state House; there are also supporters in Illinois, where conservatives have failed to oust the state party chairman for supporting gay marriage.”

This isn’t going to end well. Even if the populace has shifted in their attitudes toward same sex “marriage” there are still many people who think it is an impossible charade, and those people are (or were) Republican voters. A growing number supporting same sex “marriage” will only mean a more hostile and divided country.

And for what it is worth, these Republicans are not just in favor of the state interfering in traditional marriage. Take a look at the issues. They want to use the power of the state to forbid families from getting help for sexually –confused youth. They want to expand Federal law over what out to be the jurisdictions of the state. They are in favor of courts using fantasy interpretations of the Constitution to strike down state legislations that defend marriage. Can anyone doubt what family law and the educational curriculums will be used to do to heterosexual families that believe in real marriage? These people are totalitarian nutjobs who will use the state to inflict ideological and behavioral conformity in the US all the while talking up “freedom.”

They will destroy the Republican Party. If a Christian must side with a party he will find he is better off supporting the Libertarians who at least will favor dismantling “public education” and other means by which the state imposes beliefs on individuals.

But they haven’t won yet. So, remember to stand and pray.