Same Old Trick: Hillary Calls Illegal Immigrants Simply ‘Immigrants’

During her first major interview that wasn’t staged, Hillary Clinton continued her policy of outright lies and stunning manipulation of words. It’s fascinating to watch and make comparisons. I watched an interview with Ted Cruz yesterday in which he discusses meaningful content. There is so much meat to what he says that to listen to Hillary is like listening to a white noise machine.

During one particularly interesting moment, Hillary used a single word to masterfully manipulate the CNN audience: immigrants.

She said the following when asked about Donald Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants:

“You know, they don’t want to provide a path to citizenship. They range across a spectrum of being begrudgingly welcoming or hostile toward immigrants. I’m going to talk about comprehensive immigration reform. I’m going to talk about the good law abiding, productive members of the immigrant community that I personally know. That I’ve met over the course of my life. That I would like to see have a path to citizenship.”

Notice how she used the term “immigrant(s)” twice? She didn’t saturate the message, but it was enough. She refers to illegal immigrants as simply “immigrants,” then proceeds to call Republicans “hostile toward immigrants.”

This is a classic straw man. The illegality of what illegal immigrants have done must not ever be talked about, so they are simply referred to as “immigrants.” That’s like referring to a bank robbery and calling the getaway driver “a driver.” The police have been so hostile toward a driver! No. He was the getaway driver. One word changes the definition between the two kinds of driver immensely.

But Hillary and her Democratic compadres don’t want to talk about the real issue, so they obfuscate by retelling a classic tale with a central theme missing. It just so happens that this central them is the basis of the alleged “hostility.”

Yes, being upset with people who knowingly break the law by traveling hundreds or thousands of miles into our country, suck on the teat of the American taxpayer, and expect to be rewarded for that behavior is being “hostile.”

She also trumpets the ever-popular “pathway to citizenship.” This is a ruse, plain and simple. We will be told that a pathway will include all sorts of things like back taxes, and fees, but they will all be waived, and the border will remain exactly as it is. In essence, everything will happen just as it did in 1986, but on a massively larger scale.

But the Republicans are just so “hostile” toward “immigrants!” Gosh, they just came here for a good life…by breaking the law and continuing to do so, dragging down an already dying star of an economy.

People will listen to the words Hillary said and come to the conclusion–if they haven’t already–that conservatives hate immigrants. That’s the goal of the left: to alter the truth so as to poison the American voter against reality. Conservatives then discuss reality, and people become disgusted. Anti-immigrant! Immigrant hater!

This trick is so transparent that any small child could see through it. Unfortunately, we are living in a nation of political infants who will take whatever mommy says to heart.

To whomever falls for this rhetorical smoke, you deserve the government you get. Have fun being Greece in ten years.