Sales Quadruple at Gun Store Near St. Louis Riots

When violence hits particularly close to home, residents often stop their procrastination and go out and get a gun. And those who already have a gun decide that they need a second or third one.

Gun sales near Ferguson, Missouri, where riots and looters left several businesses destroyed, have skyrocketed to the point where gun control advocates would be absolutely convinced that the riots must have been a part of a well-orchestrated conspiracy by the evil gun lobby as a way to increase their own profits.

No need for a conspiracy in this case, when you’re dealing with people who instinctively react with violence. According to The Blaze:

The owner of a gun store near the Missouri city where an unarmed teenager was killed in a police shooting said his sales have quadrupled amid the looting and vandalism that have followed in and around Ferguson.

“Probably a dozen or two dozen guns to females, single mothers. We’ve sold to black people, white people. We’ve sold to Asians who have businesses on West Florissant,” Metro Shooting Supplies owner Steve King told KMOX-TV. “They’re just afraid of what’s going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.”

King, whose store in Bridgeton is about 7 miles from Ferguson, told KMOX that nearly all of his customers said they’re purchasing guns for defensive purposes — and a wide variety of them.

“They’re buying AR-15s, home-defense shotguns, handguns, personal defense handguns, something for conceal carry,” King said. He said some have even been dipping into their savings in order to arm themselves.

In a radio interview, King related a ”touching” story of “an elderly black man” who came into his store on Monday, just hours after violence and looting raged in Ferguson Sunday night, and bought a shotgun and a handgun.

King said the man told him, “`This is embarrassing, all these little thugs running around making us look bad … I’ve lived here my entire life, I’ve never had any problems, and now I feel I have to buy a gun to protect myself … I’m not going to lose my home to these people.”

Police respond to this kind of violence with militaristic might:  MRAPs, fully automatic rifles, tear gas, body armor, etc. But even that isn’t enough to protect everyone. When people are threatened by riot and looting violence, the only sure way to protect themselves is with guns of their own. And thankfully, the good folks in and around St. Louis are realizing that and arming themselves appropriately.