Sabotaging the Left

Subversive political activism is the best kind. Standing around with signs doesn’t do a whole lot, which is why I don’t do it. But planting ideas into the opposition’s heads without them even knowing it? That’s how it has to be done.

One thing I’d like to see in America, for example, is the annihilation of the notion that “racism” is The Worst Evil, and that it’s even an effective insult. So sometimes I pretend to be a liberal and I come up with reasons why certain things are racist, and I let people know. Strangers, I’m talking about. The purpose is to make people sick of hearing “That’s racist!” all the time, even moderates and some liberals; basically to desensitize the notion of racism so that when people think of it, they shrug. That’s my ideal future. Plus jet packs.

On Saturday I wrote about a school in Michigan that was having a day of games and activities. The principal, David Pontzious, told the students not to try to win, for “we’re all winners.” Well, Mr. Pontzious is obviously a good little leftist, and therefore it’s likely he believes in such myths as “white privilege” and “systemic racism,” and I’m sure on more than one occasion he’s accused someone of being a racist. Regardless, I decided to give him a call.

Unfortunately I reached a secretary who then transferred me to a woman who gave her position as something relating to HR.

So I put on my best black-man accent, introduced myself as James Whitby, and told her I wanted to talk about this Field Day.

She gave an exasperated laugh and said she’s had quite a few calls about it, and that some local news station over in New York asked about it as well.

I told her, “Well, I can undastand that,” and moved on to the point I wanted to get to. “Your student body is pretty diverse, right?”

To this she said, “Oh yes, very diverse.” She was proud of their diversity, so I then knew for sure I was dealing with a leftist.

“Well,” I said, “this attempt to get kids not to win and stuff, that’s racis’. I think you guys said that so that none a’ the black kids would win.”

Stunned silence on the other end, and then finally, “Uh, well, that really wasn’t the purpose of the letter at all, sir. We just wanted kids to focus on having fun and not worry about winning or losing. There was no racial component at all.”

“Nah,” I said, “I still say it was racis’, man. You people, I jus’ cain’t believe you people sometimes, you know?”

More silence on her end. She had never entertained the notion that she or the principal, both upstanding leftists firmly dedicated to equality and anti-racism, could be accused of racism. She was probably rubbing her temples in frustration at how ridiculous I was being, but she also knew that she would be racist to contradict me, a black man voicing his hardships. Leftists know that if a black man says something is racist, it’s racist, period, case closed.

But she did take down my “name” and real cell number and told me she’d have the principal call me back.

Everybody reading this should pretend to be a liberal on occasion and make the same ridiculous claims that liberals routinely make. Ask to speak to store managers and complain that this product or that product is racist or sexist because of whatever reason you can think of. The Left has adopted these terms and turned them into insults; let’s take their actions to their logical conclusion and completely desensitize people to these terms, thus sabotaging the Left’s strategy.