How Rutgers Went From Hating Torture To Loving Murder In One Simple Step

Tolerance in a two-way street. That little phrase is bandied about all the time by the fanatical Left whenever they feel like condemning a conservative for perceived intolerance. The Left frequently claims the mantle of tolerance, making themselves into modern deities. It is their alleged willingness to love all people, no matter their beliefs, that makes them such wonderful, compassionate people. Well, that’s their tag line, at least. The truth—as is often the case—is far from what the Left would have you believe. Just as was recently said by Chris Christie, the Democrats are the Party of intolerance, not the Republicans.

A perfect example illustrating my argument, you say? Of course! According to Fox News:

“Rutgers University professors and students are crying foul over the school’s decision to invite former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to speak at this year’s commencement ceremony. Rutgers’ New Brunswick Faculty Council passed a resolution last week calling on the university’s board of governors to rescind its invitation to Rice…The resolution said Rutgers should not honor Rice because of her role in the war in Iraq and the Bush administration’s policy of ‘enhanced interrogation techniques,’ such as waterboarding, the report said.”

How interesting! So, the reason the professors, and students are so upset by the notion of Condoleezza Rice speaking at their commencement is due to her participation in what they label as torture, as well as her involvement in the Iraq war? Alright, so long as they’re being consistent in their beliefs, and not simply raging because she’s a Republican with ties to George W. Bush, I suppose I can accept that. Although they are behaving in an intolerant way, I can understand their motive, at least. Oh, wait.

According to

“New Jersey’s representatives in Congress want President Obama to speak at Rutgers University’s 250th anniversary graduation…In addition to the backing of the state’s U.S. senators and congressmen, Rutgers sent Obama an official invitation. Alumni, grassroots organizations and students groups are expected to rally around the effort as well.”

Huh. It’s very interesting that Rutgers would invite Obama to speak at their 2016 commencement given his involvement in a war, as well as his involvement in the murder of a teenage American citizen. Oh, don’t you know? According to The Atlantic:

“Abdulrahman al-Awlaki wasn’t on an American kill list…Nor was he a member of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninusla. Nor was he ‘an inspiration,’ as his father styled himself, for those determined to draw American blood; nor had he gone ‘operational,’ as American authorities said his father had, in drawing up plots against Americans and American interests. He was a boy who hadn’t seen his father in two years, since his father had gone into hiding…a boy among boys eating dinner by an open fire along the side of a road when an American drone came out of the sky and fired the missiles that killed them all.”

He was a 16-year-old American citizen murdered by a drone strike. That doesn’t seem too savory an act to me. But, by all means, let’s hate on Condoleezza Rice, because what she was involved in (the approved water-boarding of terrorists) is so much worse than using a drone to murder a young American citizen without a trial.

Good job, Rutgers! You’ve shown just how pathetic, and intolerant you are. You’ve shown just how far you are willing to go simply because you hate conservatism and all it stands for. You’ve shown just how much you blindly adore a president responsible for much worse acts than a destructive healthcare takeover.

I sure hope you get Obama in 2016.