Russia Helps Syria Go Ballistic

The Obama foreign policy of appeasement has just doomed thousands of souls to more oppression and more or less guaranteed a nuclear Iran. Thanks to our President’s amateurish, if not purposeful, Islamic diplomacy, Russia is now openly and proudly arming Syria with ballistic missile systems and Bashar al-Assad the Syrian President can now gas Syrian citizens and rebels at will without concern for American military intervention. Damascus’ newly acquired missile systems have established a 280 mile perimeter and Vladimir Putin has chosen sides in the coming Persian Gulf conflict. Once again Obama is a dollar short and a day late.

Last week, hours after NATO agreed to send Patriot missiles to Turkey, Russia delivered its first shipment of Iskander Ballistic missiles to Syria; so much for United Nations Authority to control arms distribution to countries killing their citizens. Now Syria, courtesy of the Russians, can fire a 1500 pound warhead traveling at a rate just shy of Mach 7 at anyone the Russians point their finger at. Nice. I can just hear Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah giggling as they toast Allah and the coming of the 12th Mahdi.

The hypersonic Iskander is a surface to surface missile system that cannot be traced or destroyed with any available missile defense technology. Patriot missile systems located in Turkey are useless against this advanced technology now gifted to another Islamist maniac. The Russian/Iranian red line supporting an Assad Presidency has now been drawn and America under Obama has just been neutered. Any day, Hamas will break from its temporary cease fire with Israel and re-escalate their fight for Jerusalem.

As reported by World Net Daily in a December 5 exclusive, “Iran’s Islamic Regime…has 170 ballistic missiles targeting Tel Aviv in underground silos, some with biological warheads.” Iran has made its Islamic regimes views clear and warned both America and Israel that attempts to destabilize Syria would result in “a pre-emptive attack on Israel in which the use of weapons of mass destruction (biological, chemical and even nuclear) won’t be off the table.” It further elaborated that many of its proxies have been armed with WMD’s aimed at Israel. So much for the positive effects credited to American lead international sanctions on Iranian arms development and their religious aspirations of an Islamic Armageddon.

With the Obama administration’s very public obfuscation regarding our relationship with Israel and American public opinion being manipulated by mainstream media and isolationist activism my guess is that Israel understands their national security is now Israel’s problem and things are about to get real dicey. I’ve got some news for liberals and libertarians alike; you may be able to pick on a Jew from time to time but they ain’t gonna take it in the back of the head again. Whatever we gave them to protect their people will be used for that purpose eventually. If it happens when Barack Hussein Obama is in the White House, like his election, it will be a world changing event many will regret and few will want to talk about.

Since 2011, Assad’s regime (with the help of the Iranian Quds Forces arms supplies) has killed over 40,000 of its own citizens. Iran continues to supply Syria both by air and land with weapons transported through Iraq (a country we liberated and used to occupy) and now Russia is brazenly off-loading WMD transportation systems and ordinance at Syrian Ports. This is what we call American foreign policy these days?

Somehow this will be blamed on Republican obstructionism or failed Bush policies our welfare messiah President inherited. Our government will pit the isolationists against the evangelicals. Conservatives against moderates and the closet Islamists bedding up with the most radical Administration in history will go temporarily dormant as their money works its magic in Washington and abroad.

If there was ever a cause for American’s to get behind it is this one. It’s time for America to take a pro-active stance as a nation. We have been and continue to be attacked by our enemies and it isn’t going to stop until Israel is in ashes and America is enslaved. This war will not be fought in some distant land anymore. It’s about to shift to our soil. Heck it already has. Remember, Benghazi!