Russell Simmons Thinks Obamacare Has Already “Saved Millions of Lives”

I don’t know why celebrities even talk about politics. In fact, I don’t know why they elect to speak about anything without a script or a teleprompter. So you’re famous… That doesn’t mean your opinion on anything at all matters. “But… but… I played a political strategist in that one TV series pilot, so…” The latest gaffe comes from hip-hop producer and owner of Def Jam records, Russell Simmons. His comments make it clear that he’s not fit for much other than hip-hop, if low-frequency boom-blaps about bit-slapping, big pimping, weed, excess, and violence can be considered a legitimate profession. I guess we can argue about that later.

For now, Russell Simmons has chosen to entertain us in other ways—with his idiocy. Well, okay, fine, a different kind of idiocy. (Man, you people are such sticklers. “What do you mean, you people?”) According to Simmons, Obamacare “is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives.”

Just savor that for a moment. According to very high estimates, only about 500,000 people even checked their eligibility through the Obamacare apparatus, and the vast majority of those people were being directed to the Medicaid program. Medicaid existed before Obamacare. So, we spent millions, if not billions, and will spend trillions of dollars so that people can find out about their eligibility for existing federal and state health programs that are themselves not solvent in the long term.

I would venture to say that Obamacare has not saved a dozen lives, truth be told. But, that’s not even the point. Russell Simmons, and everyone else dedicated to the cult of Obama, just can’t see anything for what it is. It’s mind-boggling how closed these people are to even slivers and glimpses of the way things actually are.

Simmons’ comments against “Republicans” were equally simple-minded. I almost feel sorry for him:

Whatever President Obama stands for, they [Republicans] stand for the opposite. Even if it goes against every principle they have advocated for in the past, they would rather destroy our country, than see President Obama pass policy that is good for ALL Americans.

Yeah. Clearly, it’s the Republicans who “would rather destroy our country” than veer from their suicidal political dogmatism. Wait. What?